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Sex Scene Saturday gone Mythology Erotic Romance: Marsyas and Filla

Tied Up for Love by Tilly Greene
Paranormal/Mythology Erotic Romance + Bondage

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Filla is a nymph used to the raucous ways of a Dionysian festival and allows a handsome newcomer, Marsyas, to strip her down for a passionate interlude while tied to a tree.  After time spent alone, together, she knows little about him beyond the physical.  However, her feelings for him are growing until he brings her back for the next festival, and suddenly she's not sure of anything.

Love is found in the most unlikely places, but will it last?

Sex Scene Saturday

“You’re remembering when I first took your delicate sweet ass, aren’t you honey.”

“I am,” she whispered, and felt her heart beat race as the memory played across her mind.  “It was here, at the last festival, beneath that tree,” she pointed in the direction of the tree she thought of as theirs while keeping her eyes on the duo.

“Do you think he’s enjoying himself as much as you did?”  Marsyas moved around behind and held her breasts in his hands while he continued talking quietly in her ear.  “You looked so beautiful hugging the tree trunk as hard as you could.  The old twisted trunk offered places for your hands to hold and, if I remember correctly, a notch to put one of your feet in when you lifted it up for, well, better angles.  And then there were your soft breasts, scratched by the rough bark, but the hard tipped nipples shouted their excitement of the coarse treatment.  I now know it was the first time your back rose was breached, but you never said whether you were scared of the unfamiliar or not.  Were you?”

While he talked, his hands gently cradled her breasts and the thumbs reached up to stroke over their tips.  The soft touch lulled her desire to a simmering state, but when he added a pinch and tug, the need between her legs started to quiver for attention.  Her hands reached back to hold his hips, to use the grasp to bring him closer to her body.  She’d wanted him before they saw the man and centaur in action, but now she needed him even more, and everything else left her mind except how to break his iron grip on his passionate nature.

The pinches became firmer and then his erect rod teased her rear crack.  She felt her breath stop in the back of her throat and her eyes started to close.  No longer was the man being taken moaning, he grunted when the centaur grabbed some of his hair, and started to scream his pleasure as he was taken quicker.  Filla understood the desire for harder and faster, but the slow with power possession were also delightful.

“Were you afraid, Filla?”

She’d forgotten the question and found her voice raspy when she finally answered.

“Not of you, but the unknown had given me a moment’s pause.”  She tried to sound like she was paying attention to their conversion, when she wasn’t really.  Conversational awareness wasn’t possible while his hands played her body.

“Why not of me?  We didn’t know each other and we’d found each other at a Dionysian festival, which are not known to be the safest places.  Then there’s the obvious fact that I’m physically much bigger and stronger than you.  I constantly worry about hurting you and that’s the last thing I want to do.  You shouldn’t be so open, Filla.  Please, you need to remember not everyone is good.  Learn to put your guard up.”

“You’re good,” she told him at the same time as she noticed there was a real level of concern on his face.  Something had happened for him to go off on such an odd tract and yet they hadn’t been apart since they’d met.  Shaking her head to clear it of the need his fingers built, she looked over her shoulder, and found worry marks creasing his forehead.  She’d never been hurt or even threatened with violence, by anyone, but there was real concern in his voice and on his face.  “What’s going on, Marsyas?  What’s happened that you need to say all this?”
©Tilly Greene, 2011

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Marsyas is a unique character from Greek Mythology that was, like the others in the series, given a raw deal and I wrote him a new one.  Are there any myths out there that you thought, while a lesson had to be learnt, the punishment was still far too harsh?  Share and you're entered to win an ebook from my backlist...your choice.  This one is open until Tuesday because of the holiday weekend...enjoy!

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