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Sex Scene Saturday is the first peek at my soon to be released shifter erotic romance with Mikhail and Cassie

Come Back by Tilly Greene
ShapeShifter Erotic Romance

Releases June 15 2012

Sex Scene Saturday

Although the sun was at its zenith and his blood was close to a boiling point, he knew it was more with lust than the actual temperature.  Not wanting to talk any longer, Mikhail moved them down to the grass and made a place for himself between her legs.  Throwing his head back, he closed his eyes as she wrapped her silken limbs around his thighs.  When he didn’t think things could get any better, they did when she hooked her feet right beneath his ass, soft arms encircled his neck, and she told him what he needed to hear.

“I’ve missed you every day, every minute you were gone.  Take me, lover.  Please, fill me up, and love me.”

Shifting his arm around, he wedged a hand between them, and held her pussy lips open.  He wasted no time in nudging the crown of his cock inside her and, with their gazes connected, welcomed the feeling of loving unity as he entered her.

“Paradise.”  He claimed against her mouth and slowly slid his rod through her hot tight clench.  He was thrilled to once again be able to hear her moan his name on a note of pleasure.  Reality was much better than dreams.

Their bodies were slick with water and sweat, gluing them to each other.  Mikhail didn’t move, he wanted to take a minute to feel her surrounding him, and give her some time to adjust to him being back inside her body.  Bracing himself on his forearms, he lifted his chest up and scraped the hard excited points on the tips of her breasts along the way.

“You are so very beautiful.”  He tried to hold back a moan as she used her feminine muscles to grip him hard, only he couldn’t.  Like a pulse, she released the delicious pressure only to tighten around him again.

“Yes, and you’re handsome, but you’d better love me now.  I-I’ve, please, I’ve missed having you here, inside me.  Please!”

“Okay, sweetheart, okay.”  He pulled his cock out until only the knob remained, then pushed back in.  Cassie’s breasts shook a little when he bottomed out.  The tight red tips held his attention.  His mouth watered to have them at his mercy, but he wanted to see her climax.  The answer to the quandary was to continue using his body to make them even stiffer.  Mikhail started to move faster, harder, making the two mounds move wildly, and knock against his chest.

Sweat slipped down his spine, pooling in the small of his back.  His hair grew damp and yet, all he could think about or feel was the woman beneath him.  She moaned as her hips bounced up to meet each of his thrusts.  In his arms was the woman who meant the world to him and made him feel like a better person.  Finally, finally, she was back where she belonged.
©Tilly Greene, 2011

eBook of Come Back, a shapeshifter erotic romance and first book in the Come series, to be released June 15 and paperback at Authors After Dark Convention in New Orleans.

I love to travel and learn about and experience other cultures and countries, and this passion often shows up in my writing.  The Ivanoviches of my Come series are Russian emigres who have settled in New York City, but haven't forgotten about what they left behind.  Actually America is full of immigrants.  I'm a third generation on both sides, one from Ireland and the other from Grenada, and married to an Englishman.  So that's a snippet of where I come from, now it's your turn...has your family been in the US for ages or are its so new some are still working through the paperwork?  Share and you're entered to win an ebook from my backlist...your choice.   You have through Sunday :-)

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Very steamy!

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Ahhh, thank you darlin'. Mikhail and Cassie are two wonderful characters who are put through the ringer, I was happy to give them some great steam :-)

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