Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oh what a glorious day...

1. It's beautiful been a stunningly beautiful weekend and we're home to enjoy it.

2. Yesterday Man U. drew with Boro so the household is at peace [even though the cutie has a call for "we've been robbed" missed penalty.

3. Last night we went to friends and the cutie played with his birthday present - copious amounts of sticks, twigs, bottles and cans to burn in a barrel while drinking copious amounts of beer. [Yup, this is how combustion scientists party, and yes, there is an element of safety involved, not that it is obvious to us laymen].

4. The cutie is bbq'ing burgers - mmmm.

5. The Devil's WON bring on Ottawa!

Oh what a glorious day today is :-)


Sparky Duck said...

Marty Broudeur is the man!

Tilly Greene said...

The man is supergoalie! Cool, calm and we just need to beat Ottawa and those, ummm, Senators [he he he, no chance]!