Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Audio Book Talk!

Not too long ago the cutie and I bought an audio book to help us stay awake for a 4 hour drive [after a 7 hour flight]. We didn't finish it and brought it back with us to listen to the last CD. When the chance to finish listening to the audio book popped up, we decided to start at the beginning and enjoy it all the way through.

Ian Rankin's Doors Open was what we listened to and both thoroughly enjoyed it. The cutie is a fan of his not finished Rebus series and I'm ready to delve in to the Scottish authors mysteries.

While I won't give the plot away, it was flippin' great! Art theft always grabs my attention, but the way Rankin worked it was totally fresh. The gentleman who read the book was great [unfortunately I can't remember his name right now]. Gave different accents to each of the characters and brought the listener right into the story. My only negative, we didn't realize it was abridged when we bought it.

It looks like neither the book or audio book are available in the US [except from individual sellers], but when it is, reach out and pick up a copy. This is a new avenue for Rankin and I quite liked it. That said, I'll be picking up his backlist to find out more about Rebus, Edinburgh, and the interesting crimes he writes.

On a side note: We caught a Rebus mystery on TV recently and John Hannah [from Four Weddings and a Funeral fame] played the detective. Hope it becomes a series.

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