Tuesday, January 06, 2009

eBook Talk!

Many of you will remember that I've been without a gadget to read my ebooks on since August [far too long] and I haven't been happy. I volunteered to be a judge for a contest and hated, absolutely hated, having to read each of the 40 entries on my laptop. That is work, reading an ebook is personal.

Anyway, as promised, Santa delivered!

An iPod Touch was my pressie!

At first I wasn't sure this was the gadget for me. Would I be able to read a pdf in either portrait or landscape? Would I be able to purchase an ebook and read it is within minutes, but still be able to add it to my eletronic library back on the beast in the study? Would I be able to do emails?


All of them and so much more. Okay, so when away from home I have to rely on finding a hotspot, that's fine. In fact, I've been to the right of us for almost a month and the most unusual place I was able to get online with my iPod Touch was a train. Flippin' cool.

Still not sure about the eBook trend? Well, head over to Gutenberg and check out their article "20 Reasons Why 2009 Will Be The Year of The Ebook".

Want to know what the first ebook I purchased on my iPod Touch and started to read? I went to Fictionwise and purchased "Slave to Love" by Nikita Black.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I have a friend who obsoleted his iTouch by upgrading to an iPhone. I'm debating making that iTouch of his my personal property... are you using Stanza for your e-books?

Tilly Greene said...

The cutie looked into the iPhone and because it sucks for international calling, ditched it out. I'm quite pleased with this because I can get online wherever I find a hotspot - like the train down to London! If you're friend will pass it on, take it!

And yes, I have Stanza. I've transfered over from my laptop an ebook from my collection and bought one through Fictionwise. Next up will be a new release from ARe. I'll keep playing around to see what works for me :-)