Tuesday, January 13, 2009

eBook Talk!

Today, Hamish Buchanan from "Highland Heat" is Slipping Between the Sheets with Alyssa Brooks.


What a surprise, I know, but don't worry about him spending time in bed with another woman, he's there being interviewed. I suggest you head over and check out what the naughty Scotsman might reveal. It could come in very handy for an upcoming contest - details to come later today.

Ms. Brooks has an ebook out called "Taking Tara", which is a part of Ellora's Cave Moderne [or Contemporary] line. The blurb says:

Six months he’s been watching her. Wanting her. And now he’ll finally claim her…

Despite her penchant for bad singing and bad breakups, Ayden’s non-too-private neighbor Tara is everything he desires—strong, sexy, wild. Just the type of woman a geeky guy like him could never get. Never, that is, unless he becomes someone else. The kind of man she’ll say yes to. The alpha dog buried deep inside, ready to claim his woman and prove she’s his, forever.

Tell me your fantasies…

Still on the hunt for that perfect guy, Tara goes through men like water but never quenches her thirst. Then the hot new neighbor corners her in the elevator. Mother always said not to talk to strangers…but kissing them? Totally explainable. Revealing her innermost fantasies? Totally irrelevant. It’s not as if he’s actually going to take her, tie her up, kidnap her and whisk her away to spankings, threesomes and more.

But as Ayden warns… Careful, Tara, some fantasies do come true.

Oh my! This sounds like a can't be missed read that should come with the warning that it may burn up your ebook device so have a fire extinguisher handy.

"Taking Tara" by Alyssa Brooks is available at Ellora's Cave.

UPDATED: For some reason, Photobucket has taken away "Taking Tara" as a cover. It isn't even remotely bad, but I suggest you go over to Ellora's Cave, take a look at it and decide for yourself.

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