Tuesday, January 27, 2009

eBook and Book Talk!

This past spring, I was introduced to the Duval Inc series by Stella and Audra Price and am thoroughly enjoying each installment. First up is Marsh, a seriously sexy dominant Djinn and his gorgeous bound consort/physically tough assasin Janey starring in Wishbound ["Wishes" and Glamour"]. I bought the paperback for the next installment, Gifts, to read while heading to the left of us and never got a chance, but then London for the Holidays came out as an ebook, I had a new iTouch to get back into ebooks and so I jumped on them both, just in different formats. Oh, and in reverse order...don't ask why because it didn't matter.

London for the Holidays introduces Mal, a hot independent vamp, and Thisbe, a cool submissive Conglacio and takes the reader on one heck of a wild ride. From London to Austria, with good things and bad happening in both violent and sexy ways, these two eventually settle upon a relationship that works for them.

Gifts follows Marsh and Janey through the holidays, both human and Djinn, in Austria [yes, something that takes Mal to Austria is for Marsh - your choice whether you want to know how he does it before or after knowing what he's doing] with a side trip to Africa. On page 149 I was seriously surprised [hence remembering the page number] and couldn't put the book down until I knew what happened.

The sister writers are in a class all their own. They create stories that don't fit within a box, something I specifically enjoy discovering. There's no way to predict which way things are going which, as a reader, definitely keeps you engaged and eager for the next installment.

If you also like coloring outside the lines, check out Stella and Audra Price.

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