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eBook and Book Talk!

This Book Talk and eBook Talk looks at Erato by Cat Johnson and is the second installment of the other stories that are with mine [Hephaestus Lays Down the Law] in paperback:

Love's Immortal Pantheon
Published by Tease Publishing
isbn: 978-1607670254

Paperback is now available on Amazon.

Welcome to Mt. Olympus, where erotic pleasures reign supreme and the ancient Greek gods engage in games that have no rules. When the lowly muse Erato is unwittingly used as a pawn in Aphrodite and Eros’ vengeful quest against Apollo, can he emerge the winner of their battle? More importantly, will he lose his heart to the unsuspecting nymph Acantha in the process?

Excerpt (PG)

“So, as I was saying my lovely Erato, your familiarity with the mortals is what makes you perfect for this assignment, and though I am loathe to part with you for even a short time, I must, for you are the best suited for the task at hand.”

Erato cleared the frog from his throat and steeled his nerves. “If I may, my perfect goddess, what is this task of which you speak?”

Aphrodite ran one nail down Eros’ sculpted arm. “Tell him, my golden one.”

Eros shot Erato another grin full of mischief. “It’s simple, my friend. You go down below, locate one particular female, and let her fall in love with you.”

Erato frowned. It sounded simple enough, deceptively so. Mortals were extremely susceptible to those who resided on Mt. Olympus, which was one reason why once a mortal entered the palace of the gods, they never willingly left.

One look into his eyes and the female would be his. One night in his bed and she would never want to part with him. But still, why him? “And why have I been chosen…specifically?”

Aphrodite looked proud of herself as she explained. “It may be required that you live among the mortals for some time. Mortal time, of course, is nothing for one of us, but still, any of the others would stand out among the commoners. You, however, with your strange preoccupation with those living below, will know how to blend in.”

Aphrodite thought he and he alone could blend in with the commoners? Erato wasn’t sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. So he collected mortal literature. He was the Muse of Poetry, for Zeus’ sake. It was his job to be familiar with mortal writers.

Compliment or not, Erato said, “Thank you, goddess. And will Eros assist me with one of his arrows and his ever true aim to make the female fall in love with me?”

Now Eros’ involvement in the plan made more sense, since love was the goal. All that needed to be done was for Eros to shoot the female with one of his golden tipped arrows and she would be irretrievably in love with whomever she saw next.

“My arrow will not be necessary, my friend. She will fall in love with you as certainly as the sun rises and sets. What female could ever resist you? But I will be nearby. Do not fear.” Eros treated Erato to his cherubic smirk once more.

Erato nodded, not sure he was relieved by Eros’ assurance. “All right. When am I to leave?”

Aphrodite smiled. “Immediately, but treat me to one last kiss, Erato, before I lose you to the mortals.”

Erato rose at Aphrodite’s command, in more ways than one, and touched his lips to hers. Her mouth tasted of the sea and the familiar tang caused a tide of memories of all they’d shared to flood his mind. A moan of pure desire rose from Erato’s chest and he had to stop himself from pressing his body against hers, a presumption that would surely earn him more pain than pleasure.

The chamber around him began to swirl into an indecipherable tangle of sensations. Erato still smelled the scent of rosemary oil lingering in the room, his body still ached with wanting what pleasures it knew the goddess could provide, he still tasted the salty sea in her mouth, but things were no longer clear…

Dizzy and barely able to think, Erato heard Eros giggle and then everything went blank.

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