Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fabulous Dressing Part V

The Oscars were on this past Sunday and as might have guessed, I was watching the red carpet and looking for that gown!

First, yes, I was disappointed. The designs were tame and often in the same color range [white, black and red]. However, there was one dress I saw walk down and knew, hands down, that was the best dress of the night. While there were a few others that were intersting, none struck me as better than the one Taraji P Henson wore.

The tiers and fabric were stunning, the white was okay, at least it didn't look like a wedding gown. And the fit was perfect for her, definitely not so tight you knew she'd have trouble sitting down in it. The necklace was pretty stunning as well, although I think I would've preferred a large cuff.

Marisa Tomei's was definitely unique, it was my second choice, but it was too much. Yes, Natalie Portman looked wonderful in pink, an actual color, but the gown was eh. I also liked Anne Hathaway's dress but she had trouble walking in the decorated column so passed.

On a side, fashion related, note, I'm on the TRS Blue Blog talking about where I think the wet t-shirt look started. It's interesting, honest.

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