Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can he really be sexy?

Fact:  I don't use real people to help build my characters.

There are problems that come along with doing that, like everyone has their own opinions of who a person is, and often can't open up to other possibilities.  Thankfully, I have an expansive imagination, and happily rely on it to create the people who populate my work.  That is one of the perks of being a writer - allowing the creative juices to freely flow.

So, when it came time to develop Lucifer, despite his having a well known reputation, it actually came very easily.

Physically and personality-wise, he has little incommon with the Devil who everyone believes they know.  But wait a second, so there is no misunderstanding, my hero is the real Satan, but for me, he is much more than the job of recruiting people to reside in his abode - Hell.  That said, what does the ultimate bad boy actually look like?

"Without any warning, the chair started to slowly swivel around. Nia held her breath, tense to see what the man looked like. As he moved into the firelight, she was faced with the most handsome man she’d ever encountered. Her imagination won the war. The pulsating rhythm in her pussy sped up and matched her heartbeat. The tandem beating held her undivided attention and she couldn’t find the willpower to look away.

Dang, she was in even deeper trouble than she’d thought.

The man had a commanding presence and oozed power, a very seductive combination. His mink brown hair was cropped close and dark brown eyes instantly pulled Nia in and entranced her. His chin was strong and his nose was slightly crooked. Lovely. In the low flickering light, it looked like he wore a traditional white dress shirt and sedate tie with a classic dark suit. The man sitting on the other side of the desk was obviously a professional of some sort, a higher up on the corporate ladder, and with a voice that touched her in a very sexual way.

If there was a type of guy she was attracted to, then he was it. A businessman who used his mind and not brawn to get what he wanted."
Copyright © 2010 Tilly Greene

Well?  Are businessmen sexy?  Of course!  All that power, confidence, and self assurance is yummy.  Okay, what about a Lucifer - would he be sexy in a suit and tie?  I think so.  The bad boy who uses his brain is pretty hot, especially when he's stripped and getting creative in the bedroom. 

Did you notice from the cover Kendra Egbert created that he isn't hiding who he truly is? The horns and tail are there, but Lucifer is showing the man he truly wants to be for Nia - her lover and hero.

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