Thursday, March 04, 2010

Received a couple of covers...

and they are gorgeous!

There are people with reputations for being really good or very bad, but this doesn't make them true or mean they don't want to feel appreciated and cherished. Everyone has a particular job to do. The Devil must punish those who make mistakes, an angel is there to guard someone from harm, but they can't interfere. They work hard to fulfill what is required of them. However, when everything that must be done is finished, they don't need to be shunned or put on a pedestal, they need to be wanted, loved. 

There is someone out there for everyone, good or bad, and kinky makes it more interesting.

Paranormal Erotic Romance series with Bondage and D/s

I am so ready for the Good, Bad, and Kinky duet to come out!  Kudos and thanks to Kendra.


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Yeah, I know, totally fabulous :-)