Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zeus is...

the King of Gods, ruler of Mount Olympus, the god of sky and thunder* [wait until you read Cyra's Cyclopes].  Zeus is a powerful man in touch with his sexual needs.

Yes, sex, and let's remember, that is not a dirty word.  I'm going to give you a truth some may find hard to accept:  he had loads of sex and not always with his wife.  Some interludes were had with permission and some without.  Some as a man and some not.  Most with women, but not always.  In fact, the list of his partners, willing or not, is very long, and is a part of his character.  Let's be clear, Zeus did not make a couple of errors of judgement on his way to or even as the Olympian leader.  He was a habitual philanderer.

And that doesn't bother me.

I embrace all aspects of this mythology megastar, both good and bad.  In fact, the premise behind my Mythological Messes Redux series is to address a few of the myths that disturbed me.  As an example of this, in Together Again? and continues in Double Punch, Zeus is given an opportunity to make amends for how he treat Leda - the woman he took as a swan and impregnated her with Helen and Polydeuces (Pollux) at the same time she was already pregnant with Clytemnestra and Castor.

So, let's remember, no one was perfect in Classical Greek mythology, not even Zeus. 

Enough said.

Mythological Messes Redux Series
Cyra's Cyclopes [coming soon]

*=from Wikipedia


Kearaguambas said...

well he was certainly a man who enjoyed his bbws (see:

Tilly Greene said...

OMG! It's Baroness Von Sassenheimer! You honor me with your presence - we're planning on being out there for the 4th, you coming down?

Big hugs from me and the one you tortured under my bed :-)

Kearaguambas said...

the 4th of april? alas, i will be engaged in the renting of cars/preparing myself mentally for the looming big 2-3 haha. but michigan fun is only a few weeks away!

Tilly Greene said...

Nah, 4th of July - April 9th is too important a day to consider travel. 2-3? Please, double it, and then talk to me!

You should know that we hear you are the bestest behind the counter - ¡Felicitaciones!

Glad you'll be in Michigan, shall be fun, and we'll drive Caitlin nuts :-)