Thursday, September 02, 2010

Another Hamburger Tried

Recently Zagats said the Five Guys burger was the best and it tweeked my curiosity.

Not too long after that news came out, the cutie and his friends went out to lunch so he could test the waters for me - or so he said. He loved it and even went so far as to say I would as well. Then he crossed the line when he claimed it might even have been better than Ruby's and Fatburger.


Them's fighting words and when we found one was near the hotel we stayed at for Context, I said I try one and would keep an open mind.

My verdict is that the Five Guy burger is not up to snuff.

Maybe it was a new establishment [felt like it] and maybe it was how they did things, but I wasn't ready to start frequenting them when the need for a good burger takes over my tummy.

What went wrong? I happen to like mayonaisse on my burgers and this one was swimming in it, not how I like it done. The fries weren't cooked, although I liked that they had the salt and vinegar thing going.

I'll be heading back to the left of us soon and yes, I'll be visiting Ruby's, Fatburger, Husky Boys and maybe try to fit in a In-n-Out burger as well. That should tied me over for a bit.


Alexandra O'Hurley said...

Five Guys is awesome!! I'm not a huge red meat eater, but when I get the craving for a burger, that is my destination.

And you are right, the salt and vinegar for the fries reminds me of being on the boardwalk in Ocean City Maryland. Yum.

Give 'em another shot! LOL.

Jane said...

Five Guys just opened a few joints in our city and it's awesome. I haven't had a chance to sample Fatburger yet, but hopefully I will soon.

Tilly Greene said...

No, I'm not much of a meat eater either Alexandra, but burgers and bacon are often my go-to's when faced with little else and so I want them to be worth my while. That said, I'll give them another try, maybe the one my cutie first visited to see how it is.

Hiya Jane. I think it's a west vs east thing because the west coast voted In-n-Out as the best and I'm not sure Five Guys are even out there and I'm fairly surely the former isn't on the east coast either. It could be I like my burgers how they make them out west [juicy] and I'm cool with that. I go out that way a few times a year and that's when I load up on taquitos, tacos and burgers.

I hope you get a chance to play in the burger testing market as well - it's all good :-)

practimom said...

we have Cook Out and Andy's here in NC. The artery clogging, heart stopping just by looking at it burgers. with the chili that is made out just as much hamburger in it as the hamburger itself...ohh so good!