Monday, June 06, 2011

My #1 Frivolous Fashion Lust is...


These are defined as "a small decorative case for carrying small articles (as cosmetics or jewelry)."

Told you it was frivolous and yet I'm drawn to them, would love to own many of them, but am content to look at and enjoy them from afar.

This all started with Judith Leiber, the first designer of the little jewels that I discovered as a teen, and have been looking out for her offerings ever since.  Something I recently heard about was the Leiber Museum which houses both Judith's minaudieres and Gerson's modern art offerings.

Road trip!

[Thank you Merriam-Webster for definition and snippet on the origins.]


Jane said...

I love her purses. Wish I could afford to buy them. The Hello Kitty ones are very cute.

Tilly Greene said...

It's amazing how high a price purses command - but we can enjoy looking and the Hello Kitty ones are adorable :-)