Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reading ebooks is easy, right?

Whether through the publisher, ARe, Fictionwise, Amazon, BN, or wherever you like to shop for your ebooks, it's easy to buy them, but what about reading them?

Well, sometimes that isn't so simple.

Recently I bought 13 ebooks from 9 authors and 5 publishers [big to indie] and all were in the same format - yes, my entire elibrary is *.pdf.  Should have been straightforward from there, open and read, only it wasn't.

There are 5 ebooks I haven't been able to read except on my laptop and I have tried a variety of apps - opps, sorry, forgot to mention that bit, I read my ebooks on my iPod Touch.  As an example, 1 of the publishers [the biggest of them all] I picked a few ebooks from and they fluctuated in formatting.  You'd think there'd be a house standard.

This is not good.  I'm not sure I'll ever get to those 5 at this point, but I sure would like to.  I'd also like to feel more comfortable in knowing I can read what I purchase on whatever device I choose!

All that said, the cutie is absolutely loving his Kindle, a device he was completely adamant against owning much less using.  He describes it as "easy".  Easy to buy ebooks, easy to read, easy to take on trips or the backyard.  It's all around easy.

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