Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thoughts from a meandering reader...

The other day I was walking through my local Borders and a book caught my eye.  It wasn't because there were many copies like those around it, there was only one copy left.  The book was small compared to all the others as well, but the cover and title reminded me of another book on my TBB list, Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart.  After briefly flipping through Wicked Bugs, I've added it to my list.

Funny, the covers above are cool and not exactly the same, but similar enough to catch my eye, and nudge me enough to pick it up, flip through it, and remember later to add it to my wishlist.

Along those same lines, the other day I googled 'Greek myths', and a wonderful image popped up.  I had no details about the book as in if it's fiction or non-fiction, who it was geared to, but I do know Medusa is involved and I really liked the cover - enough that I thought to do a blog with it included.  Medusa Island by Stuart and Linda Macfarlane is for children and kudos to them for such fab artwork.

These are just two examples of how important cover and title are to a meandering reader.  The artwork is eye-catching, the title speaks to the subject and is easy to remember.  The latter is important.  If I go looking for a book and can't remember the title, then the interest most likely ends there.

Sad but true, for me at least.

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