Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fashionable Hump Day Hottie

So you know, recently I've been working on my Passion for Fashion and Bondage series and loving it all over again - hence all the fashionable blogs lately.

Besides reworking and rereleasing the original three [Leather Bride, Tamed and Gilded Cage], I'm also writing the fourth [Kept] which is based in Milan.

Further down the to-do list and currently in the research phase is another which will have a moment or two on Savile Row and, drum roll please, possibly a historical!

Meanwhile, to get your fashion love juices flowing, please meet and enjoy Ozwald Boateng, modern day Savile Row designer and hottie!


Kristabel Reed said...

I'm just going to stare for a moment. Or three. Don't mind me! :)

Tilly Greene said...

Not at all, darlin', drool away :-)