Monday, December 10, 2007

Book Talk!

Last Tuesday I started with my Holiday books, today is the pop-up part of this particular section.

If there is one thing you should know about me personally, it's that I love a good pop-up book. The ones I'm drawn to are those for adults and kids alike - they are full of energy, pop with wow, and are simply stunning.

One of my favorite paper engineers is Robert Sabuda, so it is no surprise I have more than a couple of his books. Using all white pops with colored blocks is what drew me to him in specific, and this style is prevalent in his holiday works like "The 12 Days of Christmas" and "Christmas Alphabet".

Last year Sabuda made a small(ish) "Christmas" pop-up using a few pops from previous books and a new one. Another one was done this year, "Winter in White", but I haven't picked a copy up - space limitation makes me very picky and I think these two books are great for kids or those wanting an introduction to Sabuda in particular or pop-ups in general.

Chuck Fischer may not have elaborate pop-ups like "Great American House and Gardens" and "The White House", but they hold interesting information and are visually delicious. A couple years ago he released "Christmas in New York" and it is a wonderful celebration of how the city celebrates the season. This book closes with a spectacular New Years pop, full of color and speaks almost as the night itself does, without the chill that is.

This year Fischer released "Christmas Around the World". There are pull outs of details and an ornament at the end in both of these - someone who loves the holidays will like both of these.

"Happy Holidays" is one of those tiny books found at the counter and, although they are hard to find now, it is a true gem about receiving a card in the mail. It's all in cream, tiny, simple, and a keeper.

My most unique pop-up in my holiday collection, isn't really a pop-up. Jan Pienkowski's "The First Noel" is both a shadow box and carousel, a fantastic choice for anyone interested in the wonders of paper engineering. Pienkowski is an incredible silhouette artist and here he works his magic in all white against a lovely red background. The book opens all the way up and ties open so it can be set on a table top and viewed in the round.

There you go, a small section of my pop-ups, all focused on the holidays. I hope you're now as drawn to open one of these treasures up and see how incredible they are. Next Tuesday, Book Talk! will look at the last part of my holiday books - all with the same title: "'Twas the Night Before Christmas".

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