Sunday, December 16, 2007

Energy levels are flickering

Friday the cutie and I decided what to do about the holidays, whether to stay or go, and then went shopping. When we got home, some friends came over and, I confess, the cocktails flowed and I partook plenty of champagne and Baileys. Hence, Saturday started off a little slow, but we got going, shopped some more and stopped off another set of friends to do a little computer T.L.C. and partook some lovely Port from Australia [will have to remember this one for later]. We headed home to make it an early not and ended up have another Baileys next door.

Slept in and am slow to make a move - except the cutie has shown me how to make his chocolate surprise. If it works, then I'll write it up and submit it for "Coming Together: In the Kitchen", a cookbook whose proceeds will be going to 'Action Against Hunger'.

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