Sunday, December 16, 2007

Book Talk!

This will be the last Book Talk! of the year, and it showcases a "problem" I have in being a bookie [a real lover of books]. My name is Tilly Greene, and I own multiple copies of the same book, sometimes by the same illustrator. "The Night Before Christmas", six copies, five different artists, and I love each one.

Might as well start out with the lady who has shown up in Book Talk! time and again, including a Holiday book. It is none other than Tasha Tudor. Maybe she has the same problem as me, because she not only illustrated the book twice, and they are both different. I don't have a favorite, just enjoy them both equally.

Another person who has already been mentioned, and is here again, would be Robert Sabuda. I think this pop-up is one of his best. This particular book is vivacious and full of wonder, just like the tale it is depicting.

Might as well stay with the trend with Lisabeth Zwerger. This is a gentle and full of dreams offering. There's an other worldly quality to Zwerger's work, and yet is very beautiful.

One of the illustrators I recently found, who I have a few books by, is Will Moses. I like the simple and old Americana feel to his work. The views of his small towns are a joy to see, and the colors used are fantastic.

This is the book I bought this year and if you see it, buy it! This is a wonderful book to give as a gift or have a copy of for yourself. Done with elegant silhouette drawnings, each page shows two views of the same action. The finale is another wow factor. Okay, it's a delightfully delicate pop-up that speaks clearly of what this tale is all about...Santa is on our rooftop. Mr. Puttapipat is on my "list".

There you go, a holiday collection to maybe inspire you to buy a book for someone on your list - or yourself.

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