Friday, December 07, 2007

Random Ridiculousness...

This is the time of year everyone starts looking for a calendar. It's not my choice this year, it's the cuties so I'm worried. My all time favorite, despite being terrified of birds, has to be the Extraordinary Chickens. It's like pin-ups for the chicken crowd. So what has caught my eye this year that I have no chance of getting?

Naked for a Cause has Australian rugby players stripping down to benefit breast cancer and they do a fabulous job of it.

A similar calendar that also happens to be a work of art is the ongoing Dieux du Stade series and I swear, these guys often show up as inspiration for my heroes...strong, agile, and WOW!

And something different came to my attention, Cofanifunebri, and I'm intrigued. Don't know it? They offer a fabulous mix of sex and coffins. Yup, that's right, but what I'd like to know is: can two people be buried together?


Nicholas said...

I like that last one. Our kitchen calendar will no doubt be another series of panoramic views, or castles, or similar. My suggestion of a Nudes of the World calendar received a spousal veto; I can't imagine why.

Tilly Greene said...

Yup, we end up with an occassional National Trust one - in fact 2007 is one, this month is Tintagel, great overhead shot. And Nicholas, nudes in the kitchen, no the study, entirely possible :-)