Monday, December 03, 2007

Thursday 13 - 24!

The cutie and I spent most of November to the left of us, enjoying ourselves. Friday was spent doing laundry so the cutie had something to take on his trip, and I prepared for the book fair on Saturday. Well, I'm feeling overwhelmed with the to-do's and need to calm it all down so I'm going to share the trip with you all.

1. Our flight was delayed by 2 1/2 hours. This left us with a bunch of drunks who were loud and obnoxious, but that was the worst thing they did. About half way through someone behind us collapsed and there was a dash of oxygen tanks and what not, and the drunks all stared with their mouths opened. Sorry, I'm not a crash viewer, at the worst moment in someone's life, the last thing they need is to be stared at.

2. Because we were to the left, I was the driver - for the entire time. We had our first Prius and it was great. Quiet, faster than I thought - apparently the optimum speed is 65, or so the cutie kept telling me, but I drive 10 over the speed limit minus a couple to make it not worth a policeman's time to pull me over. Okay, I hit the 80's a couple of times.

3. There's a different mindset where I was brought up compared to where I am or to the right of us. People to the left of us don't talk about miles, they talk in terms of how long it takes to get someplace. The drive from the big airport takes about 1 hour 15 to my Mom's, 2 hours with traffic. At one time during this visit we used Google Maps for directions and there it was time with and without traffic! Anyway, this time it took a shocking 45 minutes and there were miles where there wasn't a car to be seen. I kid you not, this has never happened to me, there's always cars on the road.

4. First morning, it was all about settling into the usual. We hit Jean Paul's for coffee/chocolate milk and croissants and sat in the sun relaxing. The jeweler who made my ring [an old family friend] came in for his morning constitution and joined us for a bit - this is what we do when we're there. Next we walked into town and hit Friends of the Library for a couple of books, and last, to the beach to read until someone came to feed the birds - ahhh! Went back to mom's and then dashed across the road to sit at our favorite spot overlooking Rockpile. No surfers, they're working on the hillside so the beach is closed.

5. We made it to my nephew's soccer game on Saturday - he's a speed demon! Anyway, they were winning so we felt comfortable in leaving early to make the local theaters showing of American Gangster - didn't want to have to drive to one of those metroplex things. Wow, what a flick!

6. Big sis took us on her errands day - cutie didn't believe me it was an exhausting endeavor. I've since been told by niece 1 and 2 separately that she tones it down for me. Anyway, we lunched, shopped and found our Christmas tree. If we're here for the holidays we head over to a local farmer and chop one down - but after seeing this gem, we figure a little more fun is in order. What is it? A 7' pre-lit palm tree :-) The tree's been ordered because the cutie worried they'd sell out of them...kid you there will be a pic [maybe I'll set it up outside in the snow - yeah, that's part of why we did it, a palm tree in the snow suits us just fine].

7. Mom was being honored at her work with a special dinner and we weren't sure we were going. Well, once we found out we were going, it was a mad dash out to get the cutie a tie, coat and pants. I wore the dress with inappropriate cleavage with my leather jacket - give us a break, we were on holiday! Nephew was fantastic, dressed up in a coat, tie and real shoes - that's a big deal, and ontime!

8. We did a wine and cheese night up at big sisters house. It was lovely, although I couldn't drink any [an adamant no drink and drive, lost far too many classmates back in high school to this practice and don't need to see it as an adult], although it certainly smelt delicious. They also gave me my b-day pressie - it was back in September - and I LOVE it!

9. Sitting out catching some serious Vitamin D, the brother-in-law and nephew phoned and asked if we wanted to meet down at the cutie's favorite haunt for beers and nachos. We put on some shoes and walked down to join them. After the third round we went across the street to the beach and watched brother in law and niece #3 surf, and nephew swim. Then a school of dolphins came by and we watched them for a while. It was simply divine.

10. Thanksgiving came and we all went up to the big sisters. They hosted a fabulous feast for 13 of us. We watched a little football, chatted with the nieces and nephew, helped a smidgen, ate plenty, and were home in bed for 8:00pm.

11. There was a visit to Fatburger, Ruby's, Husky Boys for cheeseburgers - yummy in my tummy! We also hit the Royal Hawaiian for ribs and lapu lapu's - delicious! Went out to Thai Bros with the big sister and BIL, our anniversaries are within five days of each other, so it was all about celebrations and trying to talk them in to a trip to the right of us so we could show them where all their kids have been. We also visited a new Thai place so I had plenty of tofu to gnaw on.

12. Throughout our time there, and every time we go, Jean Paul's is where everyone met up with us at some point - even my big sister came [JP bothers her but if someone else will order, it's all good]. It's lovely when family and friends come and go from the table. We set something up or just natter for ages while sitting in the sun.

13. The cutie and I did only one organized thing and it was because I hadn't made it up there yet and really [really] wanted to go. The Getty Villa has reopened. This is someplace I spent months of my life at and I wanted to see what they'd done to it and some of my favorite pieces. I think I'll save all the details on this one for another TT. Now, to share with you how the cutie thinks, he was all excited to go because there was a big fire going on at the time and had hopes of seeing flames or something - nope, there wasn't a black cloud to be seen, it was simply lovely!

So, I'm sure you picked up on the trend for our trip...basically we did sod all except sit out in the sun and vegetate. Nice! Now I'm back and it's flippin' frigid! No, this isn't my usual it's 65 and I need a jacket, it's like 30 and to the left of us will be in the 80's tomorrow! It snowed on Sunday, on top of all the leaves that fell the day after we left - ahhh, the joy of Autumn. So beautiful and done in a few weeks, now we're left with copious amounts of leaf blowing. Bring on the hot chocolate!


Yuriko said...

You were just so busy. I like to be lazy when I travel and have free time :) Have a great TT!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I could use some of that Vit D right about now! Happy Holidays!

Kate Davies said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing so many great memories.

Darla said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!

My husband had a rented Prius on a business trip--now he wants to buy one. :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Glad the trip rocked. I'd have dug the dolphins, myself. They are cool.

Glad you're home safe, too, if cold. And yes, take pictures of the palm tree in the snow!! I love it; heck, I'd do it myself except for that whole "we don't decorate" business....

Nicholas said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip.

Maybe Google is now so powerful it can make cars vanish!

Lori said...

It sounds like you've been busy!!! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

Chris said...
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