Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What a Monday...

The cutie is here for the week, yeah! He came home early from the office to watch the Man U v Boro FA cup replay and handled the loss very well. Ronaldo cheated again [cutie found a quote saying "...he touched me and so I fell..."], does this mean every time to guy is touched he's going to fall over and claim foul? I may be a Man U supported, but not of this type of play.

Unfortunately it was all too much for the lad and he was snoring within 10 minutes of '24' starting.

On the writing front, I've put "My Angel" to the side and am working on "Come Now". For some reason, despite everything going on, I can focus on this one so I'll stay with it until I finish it...should be next week sometime.


Sparky Duck said...

what a star soccer player flopped?? I am shocked and dismayed

Tilly Greene said...

Ha! Personally I thought it was the "unspoken" rule, but to admit it is sacrilige!