Monday, December 03, 2007

Book Talk!

It's December and, after taking a look at my shelves for Book Talk, its apparent I love children's Christmas books so I guess we'll look at those. A little secret I don't often reveal is that it's often the illustrations of a picture book that will have me picking it up off the shelves to look at - that's for unknown to me authors/illustrators. Anyway, let's jump in and check out some of the holiday books in my collection.

I've mentioned this author/illustrator before, Tasha Tudor, but what you don't know is that my sister and I received this book , Take Joy, in our advent calendar one year when we were young. It's a true gem of a book, full of music, stories, poems, and more. Also on my shelves are two paperbacks, The Christmas Cat and The Doll's Christmas, and her most recent book Corgiville Christmas .

Another blast from the past for many that can be found upstairs on the shelves would be Holly Hobbie. Her Toot & Puddle pigs are favorites of mine, they're often sent out as gifts for little ones. Let it Snow was just released and said to be her last with the two porcine cuties, but I think the real treasure would be I'll Be Home for Christmas .

A more recent illustrator I follow and collect is Lisabeth Zwerger. She's fabulous, and in fact has a new Gift of the Magi out, but I haven't done it. The holiday books of her that I have on my shelves are A Christmas Carol and Nutcracker . Her drawings are incredible, thought provoking for children's book, if you get a chance check out her Wizard of Oz.

As far as I can tell, Elise Primavera has only written and illustrated Auntie Claus and Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas , and that's fine. There're beautiful, vibrant, and scream with fun for kids.

When it comes to the best Christmas story in this group, it has to be Audrey Wood's A Cowboy Christmas . I remember the day I bought this one. Robert Florczak's paintings had me picking it up off the shelf, but the story had me crying. This book is a true gem that every family should have and read together.

I'm on one of those people who, if I like someone's work, must have everything they've done. British author/illustrator Camilla Ashforth has a lovely trilogy about a bear, and Willow at Christmas is a part of this set. Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig have are the author/illustrator duo for Angelina Ballerina...a few of these are signed, yup, I'm that big of a fan from the start of this series, and Angelina's Christmas is there with all the others [although I'm missing Alexander and the Magic Boat]. Ahhh, then there's Mariana's Miss Flora McFlimsey series. Wow, I even remember the bookshop these came and the owner who read stories out loud to anyone who wanted - Going on a Bear Hunt was always my favorite. Miss Flora McFlimsey's Christmas Eve , one of seven, unfortunately I'm still on the hunt for two more [Miss Flora McFlimsey and Little Laughing Water and Miss Flora McFlimsdey and the Little Red Schoolhouse]. Another author/illustrator I collect and often give out as a gift is Ian Falconer's Olivia - a wonderfully independent pig if there ever was one. Every little girl needs to have this set which includes Olivia Helps at Christmas .

William Joyce's Santa Calls introduced me to this interesting author/illustrator - I love his work, especially Buddy and The Leaf Men. Yes, he also does the Rolie Polie Olie books/series on Disney and the recent moviee Meet the Robinsons, a take off of his A Day with Wilbur Robinson.

A couple of years ago I found Silent Night , illustrated by Will Moses, and have been hooked ever since. In fact, each Halloween our local framing shop has a poster of his called Girls Night Out and I'm always tempted.

I started with a treasure from my youth, well here is another. My Mom and I were at a holiday fair and in one of the tents was two ladies, the authors and illustrators of Sophie's Surprise and although I was too old for the advent calendar, my Mom still bought this for me and we had it signed.

Yup, I've warned you all, I've been a bookie for most of my life.

So there are a few of my holiday books, next week will check out the holiday pop-ups that reside in this house.

If you're looking for more Book Talk, today I'll be over in the Love Romances Cafe from 10-4:00pm est chatting about my erotic romances.


Tempest Knight said...

I've seen some of those books. Too bad my witchlings are all grown up and don't read those anymore.

Tilly Greene said...

See darlin', that's where my bookie self can't draw a line. They're for me, and yes I read them :-) My saving grace is that there's little ones we get pressies for and everyone knows I saw birthdays means books, but mainly these are for me and my reading pleasure.