Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book Talk!

This past weekend I attended Context [a speculative fiction convention] and, after attending a party given by horror magazine and publisher Shroud, walked away with a fabulous Zombie picture book for our 6 year old nephew!

That's right, a book on zombies for the little guy, and signed by the illustrator too!

It's Okay to be a Zombie by Nathaniel Lambert and illustrated by Danny Evarts is very creative and will start your children's imagination to explore outside the box.  And, with Halloween around the corner, it couldn't be better timing to pick up a copy, read it with them, and put some fun into the sugar-filled festivities.


Danny Evarts said...

Thanks, Tilly!
Glad you enjoyed it. :) We had fun making it.

Tilly Greene said...

My pleasure, darlin', and your fun defintely shines through each page.