Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Wonders of Research!

It's an adventure to delve into the realm of research, especially when I know just enough to encourage my interest. So what have I recently been seeking more information about?

Mary McFadden, an American fashion designer.

After a quick look, there wasn't much beyond the bullet point details of her life, career and education, but I had a specific focus I wanted to know more about before mentioning it - no matter how limited - in my WIP. Back in the days when fashion was my focus, McFadden was a designer I found interesting, and still do, and it grew out of a fascination with Fortuny's.

Fortuny [left] and McFadden [right] were both inspired by the Ancient Greek fashion, and the fabrics they added their own twist to helped.  In the early 1900's, Fortuny used rollers and treat the gowns like "skeins of yarn" to help hold their shape, and gown owners would return them to the designer when they needed to be repleated.  McFadden, with modern technology, moved the process a step further, and the pleats were made permanent.  Travel and elegance abounded through these two designers collections and I focused on the elegance side that looked beautiful and a variety of body shapes.

Fashion is fascinating and so is fabric!

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practimom said...

oh what beautiful and bold colors. red is my favorite, it looks wonderful in the picture!!