Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WARNING! Personal Issue Revealed!

Monday night, the cutie and I watched The Big Bang Theory [a show we both enjoy and there aren't many], and I had a moment of self-discovery.

Here we go.

Sheldon Cooper, the top nerd, is my twin when it comes to food and a few of his quirky qualities.

When a scene focused on the usual Thursday night meal not being the one in front of him, I laughed, and the cutie held it in. Even though I'd never paid that much attention to our similarities, I get it now and he did as well, but wasn't about to say anything.

So, when I say I'm a seriously picky eater, it is the absolute truth.  Sheldon understands.

That's it. Confession time is done.


practimom said...

are you weird like me, too? Like ketchup but hate tomatos, love pickles, hate cucumbers, love oranges, hate orange juice? Picky eaters unite!!!!

Tilly Greene said...

Yes! And we aren't weird, darlin', we just have a unique way of looking at food :-)

I don't eat eggs, haven't since I was eight, but dream about them and even though I grew up on the sea, I eat nothing that exists in water - nothing. I've never ever liked the smell, texture, or taste of mushrooms and never will.

Picky eaters don't frown at others uniqueness, we nod our heads and say and understand where they're coming from.

Picky eaters unite!