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Unbound Passion: Sealed Desires OUT NOW!


Van has sealed his incubus nature away, denying himself pleasure and happiness. Despite his past pain, he desires elven princess Belle. Keeping her at arm's length is all he can do to keep his hungers in check.

When Belle finally decides to let go, release her inner vixen and seduce Van, how can he resist?

But when he turns the tables the question becomes who is seducing who?

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Unbound Passions: Sealed Desires
Selena Illyria
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Selena Illyria

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Van stood as still as he could, but the sensations running over him made it difficult. Silk caressed his skin. Slivers of softness rushed up his arms and down his back to tease the crack of his ass. Shivers of pleasure skittered along his nerve endings as the silk slid between his legs, teasing his balls and the underside of his cock. Up his belly the fabric went, until the strips ran over his nipples. He cried out as a tongue lapped at the hardened nub, first one then the other, followed by the brief pain of a bite. Lips were randomly pressed against his back, the cheeks of his bottom, his thighs, stomach, chest and neck. Liquid desire dribbled down his cock as his desire grew. He wanted to come, needed to release the pressure building inside him.

A hand wrapped around his thick, blood-heavy shaft. Nimble fingers squeezed just under his cockhead, drawing out a harsh shout of pain. His oncoming climax was stopped, just out of reach. He drew in a deep breath. The scent of lavender and arousal surrounded him, teasing his nose.

"No coming. I didn't tell you yet," a soft feminine voice murmured. The tone so low and husky, it helped fan the flames of need higher.

Van's fangs ached. They had distended as soon as he'd entered the room. The sharp points pierced his lower lip, reminding him that he needed to feed on blood. Her blood.

"Shhh, I know what you need, what you want," she whispered. Soft lips pressed butterfly kisses on his chest.

"And I can give it to you if you'd just ask."

He shook his head.

"You refuse your need?" She chuckled.

Van opened his mouth to reply, but all sound was cut off when she lapped at his nipple, setting off sparks of electricity that shot straight to his groin. A moan escaped his mouth. The hand's grip loosened. Leisurely she stroked him, drawing out more drops of pre-cum. The thick trails of liquid need slipped down his cock, adding to his ecstasy and ache.

"Yes. I can take anything you dish out," he growled through his teeth. In truth, he was so close to losing control, it scared him. He didn't normally allow himself to be tied up like this. In fact, he wasn't sure how he'd gotten this way. One minute he'd walked into the suite ready for another night of pleasure, and the next he was on his knees before her. Belle. At the thought of her name, he groaned aloud.

"Doesn't sound like you can hold on."

"I can."

"We'll see." Her lips left his body; her hand disappeared. Cold air caressed his overheated flesh. Sharp taps of high-heeled shoes hitting stone echoed around the room. A large thud could be heard, and the sounds of objects being moved around followed. The next sound he heard was a sharp crack renting the air. He flinched as if he'd been hit. Van shook his head.

"No, I will not be flogged. I will not be whipped." Fear chased away the arousal. How can she be so cruel? A cold sweat broke out over his forehead and upper lip. He began to struggle against the bonds that held him in place. Leather creaked with each movement. Chains clanged against each other as he struggled.

"Don't worry. Shhh, it's okay." The soft touch of Belle's hand caressed down his back and over his bottom before rubbing his sides in a soothing motion. She placed a kiss on his shoulder. "No flogging, no whips, okay?"

Van nodded his head.

"I'll just have to find another way to tease you." Belle kissed him again before walking away. Van slouched in relief. He could tolerate anything she threw at him except for a few things. Flogging and whipping were two of those things. While he waited for her return, Van thought about his current situation. He had never thought that Belle, of all people, would have him tied up like this. If his friends could see him, they would be laughing. Van always needed to be in control. In this moment, he didn't mind so much. The pleasure she was giving him was reward enough. He looked forward to seeing what she would think up next.

"No flogging or whips, so what about feathers? Do you like those?" Softness caressed his cock, sending a shiver up his spine. The tingles at the small of his back increased. He sucked in a large breath as tendrils of pleasure extended through his body. Brief touches of the feathers teased his cock, balls, inner thighs, and the backs of his knees before they worked their way up to his ass and spine. He shook with the effort to hold back. When the feathers got to the back of his neck, he couldn't stop himself -- he began to laugh.

"You think this is funny? Let's see how you feel about this." Her footsteps made their way around him to the front. The feathers returned to tease his cock. Each stroke, every brush drove him mad. His fingers twitched as he tried to keep from reaching out to her. His toes scrunched and relaxed as his body quaked with need to move, to do something to stop the torment. His desire grew more, the flames rising higher. Van began to drown in sensation. He was overwhelmed with lust and need, pain and pleasure. What he was feeling, what she was doing to him, pushed him beyond limits he hadn't even known he had.

He cried out when he felt the flick of her tongue at the slit of his cock. She did it again and again as the feathers moved lower to tickle his ball sac. Van snapped. He felt his actions as though from a distance. His mouth fell open and a roar resounded. His muscles flexed as he jerked his arms up, snapping the chains that were connected to the floor. He grabbed Belle's shoulders and pushed her back.

"No more," he grunted out.

Liquid midnight brown eyes gazed up at him. No fear or hesitation showed on her face. A smile curled her lips, and her pointed ears twitched. She reached up, pushed his hands away and straightened up. Belle placed her hands on his chest. With strength he didn't know she had, she shoved him. He moved backward until his back hit the wall.

"Finally, it's playtime. I was getting bored." She moved with a swiftness only the elves possessed. In the blink of an eye, she was on him. Her lips covered his body, sucking at his skin. Her nails raked his sides as he buried his hands in her hair. With a groan, he pulled her head back, lowered his face and took her mouth in a possessive, hungry kiss. Van released her hair and began tearing at her clothes. He ripped the laces of her corset and shoved it off of her arms, tore at her bra and yanked at the waistband of her skirt.

She moved her face back. "You're going to owe me new clothes, incubus."

"Don't care." He moved his hands down to rip at her panties. For a moment he thought of dropping to his knees and taking off her boots. No time.

Instead, he guided her toward the massive bed at the other end of the room. They tripped over each other as they maneuvered around tables and chairs.Mental note: get rid of the furniture in my suite.

Finally, they reached the end of the bed. Impatient for her and aching for release, he grasped her hips, lifting her off of her feet and onto the platform bed. She scooted back on the mattress, pausing to remove the ripped remains of her underwear. Belle was a study in perfection with her full breasts topped by dark nipples, trim waist and ample hips. She moved back further until her milk chocolate skin was half bathed in shadow, and only her thigh-high boots were illuminated by the golden light of candles.

He watched her spread her legs. It was too dark to see her pussy lips, even with his vampiric vision. Van cursed himself for insisting on having curtains around the bed. A giggle made him pause.

"Can't see me, can you? Let me tell you what I'm doing now. I'm teasing my pussy lips, stroking them slowly while I imagine it's your tongue lapping my labia." A moan followed those words. A ripple of impatience went through him. Van climbed on the bed and made his way toward her.

"I'm now stroking my clit. Oh goddess, Van, so close. I want you inside of me now."

He didn't have to be told twice. He crawled up her body until he covered her completely. His eyes adjusted to the darkness. Belle's dark brown eyes -- now black -- glittered with the flames of desire. Her scent became stronger. He groaned as he felt her skin rubbing against his stomach.

"You're still touching yourself," he murmured. Van hung over her, waiting for her answer.


That single word was like a gunshot at the starting line. He needed to be inside Belle. Now! The movement of her arm stopped, and then he felt leather pressing against his waist. Sharp pinpricks of pain burst on the backs of his thighs as her heels pressed into the skin. She rolled her hips, and he felt the first brush of the damp lips of her sex against his cock. Van shook as he tried to hold back the urge to just drive into her, not wanting to be too rough. With great restraint, he reached down between them to position himself at her entrance.

Just the feel of her soft skin against his cockhead pushed at his control. Swallowing and taking in a deep breath, he thrust forward. His body shook as he pushed his cock inside inch by inch. Once he was fully seated inside of her, Van stopped to savor the feel of her tight wet heat surrounding his cock. His heart hammered in his chest as every instinct in him screamed for him to move. Instead, he remained as still as possible. With deep breaths and concentration, he pulled out and moved back, building up a rhythm between them. Belle moved with him, occasionally squeezing her vaginal muscles, intensifying the pleasure.

They moved against each other. Her nipples brushed his chest. Her nails raked his back. The pace picked up. The sound of wet flesh slapping and sliding against each other filled the air. His incisors throbbed. Moisture pooled in his mouth as the urge to sink his fangs into her neck and drink slipped into his desire to claim her. He fought himself, wanting to keep his urges out of this joining, but they became an insistent buzz that wouldn't go away.

Belle turned her head to the side, exposing the long column of her neck to him. "Drink, Van. Please."

Her fingers slipped into his hair. She pulled his head down. Stifling a groan, he moved his face closer. Van took a second to trace a line from the crook of her neck to her pulse point with his tongue and she moaned.

He growled at the burst of pain before scraping his fangs over her jugular.

"Please," she mewled, arching her neck.

Unable to resist her plea, he opened his mouth wide before biting down. Her blood burst into his mouth, rushing over his taste buds. His body came alive. Electricity danced along his nerve endings as he fed. Everything became magnified: the slide of their bodies, the salty tang of her blood, the pleasure from the simple act of pulling out and pushing into her tight sheath.

Van moaned around the wound. The world narrowed down to fucking and drinking. The tattoo between his shoulder blades burned as his incubus nature awakened. His hungers increased. He began to move his hips faster, pounding her pussy harder. Fire danced along his spine as the pleasure increased. With each thrust and every sip, he was pushed closer and closer to climax. Pressure welled up inside until the sensations spilled over. His cock twitched and thickened. His balls pulled closer to his body.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Van shouted out his release just as his alarm clock sounded. The dream faded around the edges.

"NO!" He yelled out as his cock continued to spurt jets of come. Shaking, the sheets clinging to his sweat-soaked body, he groaned as the fantasy melted into nothing. The last of his seed dribbled out to stain the bedding. Breathing hard, Van rolled over. The hunger and thirst had been fed, but the man in him felt unsatisfied. It had all been a dream, one he hadn't wanted to wake up from.

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