Monday, August 23, 2010

M&M Makin’ the Rounds

Big thanks to Tilly Greene for letting us come here and play today! We’ll get started with our first Q&A.

That Voodoo We Do So Well

Q: What is it the two of you do?

Michelle: On a molecular level or just in general? (see Mandy, I told you I could use big science words in a sentence)

Mandy and I are both fiction authors, writing in several genres. We also co-own and, a bookstore, paranormal blog, radio show, and chat group.

Aside from fiction, I write a monthly column for Paranormal Underground Magazine and am a photographer.

Mandy: I sing songs and dance naked in the rain. Sometimes, I mimic the noises small woodland creatures make. Once I nearly got shot by a hunter. Not really but it sounded nice and exciting, didn’t it?

I try not to think in terms of a molecular level. I can’t be sure but I think my brain would burst if I put too much thought into it. Okay, thought about it. I’m still here. Shocking.

Like Michelle mentioned we are authors who are multi-published and award winning. Yeah. I said it. We’re award winning. (Makes us sound all important and stuff. We need trumpet players to announce us upon entry. Ooo and men in loincloths to carry us as we recline and eat grapes or popcorn. I like popcorn more than grapes but I’m pretty sure grapes would look sexier and pull off the vibe we’d be aiming for).

When I’m not writing and bothering Michelle, I’m doing cover art for a variety of publishers. It keeps the creative juices flowing and a nice steady paycheck coming in. Plus, it does help with bail money when I’m caught singing and dancing naked in the rain. (Side note: Officer Smith, you rock for being such a good sport about the last incident.)

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Thanks for letting us hang here, Tilly! Everyone, remember that to be entered in the contest at the end of the tour, you need to comment on the posts. You can enter as much as you like. :-)

Join us tomorrow when we visit Lex Valentine where we answer the question Do We Bite? (Lex’s url Blog :


Michelle M. Pillow said...

Thank you for having us, Tilly!

Tilly Greene said...

It's my pleasure to me hosting the two M's!

Cathy M said...

Hi Mandy and Michelle,

You two together totally crack me up. Wouldn't mind at all if some men in loin cloths decided to cart me around for awhile too.

Looking forward to a very fun blog tour.

Mandy M Roth said...

If Michelle would just let me out more to play I'd chase less men in loin cloths while I was out. :)

devon said...

Hi Michelle and Mandy,
the blog tour sounds like it will be fun - looking forward to playing.

And Mandy, what fun would it be if you weren't chasing men in loin cloths.

Anonymous said...



Tara W said...

I really needed the laugh today ladies! LOL
Cupid's Favor sounds like a great read. Historical and paranormal- my favorite reading combination.

Sherry said...

Sounds like it's going to be fun here this week and I'm looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Mandy,
Michelle, I checked out your book Cupid's Favor. It sounds amazing.
Mandy, I didn't know you did cover art! That is so cool. :D

Carol L. said...

Hi Ladies,
Love your blog tours and can't wait to read any and all of your books.
Carol L.

Michelle M. Pillow said...

Thanks, Becca! That book was a lot of fun to write. I loved the idea of that kind of cupid and wrote it for all those anti-valentines day celebrators, lol.

Everyone else, Oy, don't encourage Mandy. The last time there were men in loinclothes... oh, man, I forgot. Pending certain upcoming events, I'm not allowed to speak of it.

Michelle M. Pillow said...

Next stop:

Beth said...

Cute post you guys. :)

Michelle M. Pillow said...

Thanks Beth. Thanks for having us Tilly :)

Tilly Greene said...

My pleasure, darlin' :-)