Thursday, August 05, 2010

Writing Cave Update!

A week ago I mentioned diving back into an ms/trilogy that I'd set down for over a year ago and am now almost done with the hardest stage of self-edits. The slash and burn one and I've done that in spades, and I have two chapters to go. I've also added 8k and was surprised to notice that. I'm not a total word count junkies, in fact, it's something I rarely look at because the length of the story is set when it's finished.

So, what's "Come, Now" about?

To put it succinctly: Russians in New York City, politics and medical research, shape-shifters and the paparazzi, all while a search for trust is taking place!

My research has been varied.  Before I even started the story way back when, the first thing I looked up was Genghis Khan, and the other day it was a search for more specific details about the hypodermic needle. I need to make a trip into NYC to confirm a piece of the puzzle that I have a picture for, but not specifics and will do that next week.

The first book in the trilogy has Mikhail, the eldest Ivanovich, as the hero and he's struggling. Why? It's because of Cassie Johnston, the woman he loves also happens to be the one he walked out on - albeit with the best of intentions.

There you have it, an update with details.

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