Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crossword Puzzle Problems

I like puzzles, they make my mind work and I feel satisfied when I get the right answer.  Knowing this, it shouldn't surprise you to read that I created and placed a crossword puzzle with a pen on each participants chair at the Authors After Dark Mythos dinner and, from those who turned one in, picked a winner for a Nook. The puzzle was meant to be fun, get everyone in the mythology mood and that wasn't the case.

Apparently it was too hard.

Well, here you go, the Tilly Greene’s Mythos Masquerade Greek Mythology Crossword Puzzle questions.  Give it try for yourself.

2 Goddess of the hunt, virginity, archery and all animals. (7)
3 Penetrating warning sound. Greek sea nymph whose singing lured sailors to their destruction. (5)
5 What was left as a consolation inside Pandora’s Box? (4)
7 An analgesic and sedative. [derived from the*] God of dreams. (8)
9 They were the twins who weren’t really twins. (6-3-6)
11 She was seduced by a swan. (4)
12 God of Wine, theater and ecstasy. (8)
13 He was a very powerful god, serial seducer, and carried a bolt of thunder. (4)

1 Food of the gods. (8)
2 God of light, music, poetry, prophecy and archery. (6)
4 She offered Paris the love of the world’s most beautiful woman and won the golden apple inscribed ‘for the fairest one’. (9)
5 Married to the most beautiful goddess and he was not physically perfect. (10)
6 The 12 Titans are descendents of Gaia and him. (6)
8 Agres, Steropes and Brontes had 3 eyes between them. (8)
10 Titan who carried a sickle and castrated rivals. (6)

*=I should have put this on the original puzzle and didn't, my bad!

I'll post the answers tomorrow.

Remember, the people at the dinner weren't there to think but to have fun, get their party feet moving, and it may not have ever been a subject they were as fond of as I am. There was also a time constraint - but I loved seeing all the smart phones working :-)

Oh, and it's GREEK mythology, not Roman.

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