Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Favorite Aspect for AAD is...

It started in 2010, was requested by many and so there again in 2011, and Voodoo the favored tattoo artist for Authors After Dark will be traveling to New Orleans in 2012!

There were three tats done this year that I saw up close and they were all as unique and fabulous as the next.  Stella has a beautiful snowflake on her inner wrist and was being interviewed by a PBS crew while it was happening - the chick was dead calm, spooky.  Another was Bindah's [sp ?] of a partially opened book that looked ready to read on the back of her hip - totally delightful.

And the third belongs to Eon [of Augusta Li and Eon de Beaufont fame], the man to the right who recently stared as Frank-n-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I begged him for a pic of his bicep tat because it is gorgeous and I wanted to share it here - thanks darlin', hugs!  The color of the heart is so bright, it says Boss over the top and fits on his arm perfectly.

Yes, tattoos were happening around the clock at AAD and none of them are the similar.  Can't wait to see who gets what next year!

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