Tuesday, August 02, 2011

An Unknown Delightful Connection

I recently handed in the edits for Missing in Paradise to my editor at Ellora's Cave and had a wonderful surprise when I stepped out of the edit cave. The locations of this novella are that it takes place mainly in Malibu with brief stops in Hollywood, LA and NYC. The hero is a professional surfer forced to retire after a shark attack, and the heroine hosts a tv show highlighting ideas for reusing things. They are lovers who hit a rough patch on their way to forever or it's over. Missing in Paradise is a contemporary erotic romance with a bit of bondage - hmmm, bondage on the beach...nice!

That's one side of the connection, now let me back track for the other.

There are so many great blogs that offer interesting stuff on and about books, ebooks, and publishing industry, to name a few, and I subscribe to them. Sometimes a week or more will go by and I haven't had time to check them out, but when I do, boy do I get lost in the wealth of interesting information.

Ok, so I had a bit of free time, and started to delve into the treasure trove of good book stuff when I found a connection to Missing in Paradise I hadn't know about, and it was utterly delightful! I thought I had unearthed a great deal of interesting information about a particular person during my research, but it looked like I missed one of the most important bits.

Agatha Christie was a surfer!

Agatha Christie with Surfboard from
Guardian article Museum of British Surfing/SWNS.com

I kid you not and you can read about it on the British Guardian newspaper site.

How fun is that?!? I knew the woman was fabulous and unique.

And there you have it, an unknown delightful connection between Agatha Christie and my hero in Missing in Paradise, a book she inspired and plays a small role in - coolness!

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