Monday, August 08, 2011

It's Naughty All Week!

Rose of Weimar
I'm either getting ready, traveling or having a blast at Authors After Dark in Philadelphia and in celebration I'm posting a variety of naughty stuff all week.

Because of the Tease Tea Tasting party is one of the things I'm preparing for, I thought china would be the ultimate starting point.  First up is a cup and saucer from a 12 piece limited edition set of fine porcelain.

I first discovered the Rose of Weimar pattern on the Elit Alice site.  Can you see yourself at High Tea sipping the leaves with a crustless sandwich on the side and pinky in the air whilst holding this gem to your lips?  Conversation could possibly be about the nice ta-ta's on the cup.

What about a dinner party, placement of the food on the plate below would be interesting.

DesignSpotter Details
Designer: Dirk Kels (Germany)
Manufacturer: Weimar Porzellan (Germany)
Inspired By: ... der Rose von Weimar
Price: 249 euro per set ( 12 pieces )

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