Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who Am I? Greek Mythology Brain Teasers

1. While I don't have a birth certificate, I consider Zeus and Hera my parents, and am a god. While mother and father are both hot tempered, I'm much more calm, peaceful, and think before I act. I'm not an immortal who sits around and looks pretty, far from the latter. Despite my physical limitation, hard labor is how I spend my time, and I do it very well. Many of my bretheren request my expertise. My work keeps me fit and yet my gorgeous wife strays.

So, I'm an Olympian that isn't perfect, but am married to beauty - who am I?

2. I get little respect for me or all that I do for humanity. There is no major worship sessions for me other than an occassional ass and agriculture goods. I'm a minor rustic god, but I'm very important. Despite my mother - at least the one I claim today - being beauty incarnate, I'm not much to look at, but a part of me is huge, and always appreciated. I'm a guardian, protector, and the harder I grow, the more things grow around me.

I'm an ugly god with a sarcastic and lusty attitude who never hides his most important attribute - who am I?

3. Zeus is our father. I have a twin and am considered the ideal kouros, a beardless youth. That means all those Greek statues of naked athletes you see in museums and books are based on me. I know just about everything, even how to divine the future, and continue to monitor various fields advancements such as medicine. Something I will not stand for is competition. There is no one better than me in any field I choose to master and will dispose of all challengers as I see fit. That includes my love life. I'm not married, have children who have gone on to do great things, and play with both men and women.

Basically, I'm a smart diverse Olympian who loves both sexes, and am sometimes seen with a snake or lyre - who am I?

4. We were born from Gaia [earth] and Uranus [sky] coming together. From the beginning we were big and strong, so much so, our father feared us and what we were capable of, and chose to lock us away. Eventually a relative released us to help him takeover power and we supported his endeavor. There is nothing handsome about us, but we are physically powerful, all of which encourages people still fear us by sight.

We are a primordial race with 1 being our thing but 3 of us being the most well known - who are we?

5. The man I believe is my grandfather holds the weight of the world on his shoulders, while my father rules it. I'm an Olympian god who works and it entails a great deal of travel. Some have said I'm a thief while others have called me the bringer of good luck, charming and a schemer. The stone marker on the side of the road pointing you in the right direction is mine. I flutter from bed to bed and as a result, am a single father of boys, girls and a little something in between.

In short, I'm an Olympian who is a patron of many things, but never to busy to ensure a delivery is made - who am I?

There you go, a few teasers to get you thinking - I'll post the answers tomorrow. Have fun!


Adonis Devereux said...

Easy but fun!

Tilly Greene said...

I'm glad you found them fun, I love puzzles - they keep us young :-)