Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Everyone Loves a Skull

I've talked here on the blog about tattoos and briefly on piercings in a few of my books, but Missing in Paradise is where the two intermingle and join forces.

The hero, Mike Kane, has quite a few tats, all of which depict various events in his life.  There's a 3D tattoo of a wound being stiched back together, a shark in the tribal style and then there are a few skeletons mentioned.  While a skull tattoo generally represents a big change in life through it's link with death, the more common association taken today is with danger and fear.  The former is more how Mike views them

Meanwhile the heroine, Mary Miller, chose her particular piercings for personal enjoyment and, even though she has a job in the public's eye, she words hard to keep them private.  They're for her pleasure and whomever she wants to share them with, and not fodder for the gossip mills.  It was an interesting turn to have her deciding to change her jewelry to reflect changes she was undertaking to live a more fulfilling life.

The fun part of working with tattoos and piercings, these in particular, is creating unique pieces specific to the characters involved.  If I could draw them, I would, but I can't and so did that with words.

Missing in Paradise, a contemporary erotic romance with bondage, will be released at Ellora's Cave on September 7th.

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