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Big Huge Reader Contest - Day 18!

Do Me Good by Adele Dubois
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Paranormal Erotic Romance

Penny throws her hot but worthless mooch of a boyfriend out on her front lawn with his clothes, and vows never again to be a bum magnet. Exhausted by overwork and mountainous debt, Penny pleads for divine intervention.

Gunnar, a rebellious Nordic warrior cast into servitude by an angry god to learn humility, answers. While Penny sleeps, the celestial arrives to houseclean, but she awakens and confronts him. The handsome immortal kisses her, sparking a passionate, forbidden sexual encounter.

Dark forces seeking vengeance for Gunnar’s past misdeeds mark Penny as a target. To protect his lover, Gunnar tests immortality in a death battle using a god’s magical sword. But the strength of Penny’s love and their lusty connection might be what saves them both.


He smoothed the hair at her temple and then rubbed a thick tendril between his thumb and forefinger. “I am Gunnar.” He pronounced the name “Goo-nar”.

A coarse brand of the sun, surrounded by a circle on the back of his hand, and covering the areas between his thumb, index knuckle and wrist caught her eye. His hand looked muscular and powerful beneath her gaze.

She touched the scarred skin with the tips of her fingers while he held a length of her hair, recognizing Freyr’s sacred insignia from her textbooks. “The pain must have been excruciating.” Without thinking, she lifted the old wound to her mouth and laid four kisses against its perimeter before pressing a fifth to the emblem inside.

A low tremor vibrated across her lips as they touched the ancient symbol on the white, extended hand. The brand grew warm and then hot on her mouth, though it did not burn. Her lips tingled and her body hummed with the pleasant sensations. She ran her tongue over the thick scars to erase the heat and then licked the center with the tip of her tongue in a tiny swirl before lifting her head.

His gasp of surprise was the last thing she expected as he released her hair and leaned away.

“Have I offended you? I’m sorry.” She searched his face for clues as to what to do next. Behind his shocked expression she found desire and longing and something completely unexpected.


Penny waited for his reply without letting go of his disfigured hand. She could tell his next words didn’t come easily.

“Kindness isn’t something I’m used to finding. Perhaps you’d be less inclined toward compassion if you knew what I’d done to deserve this brand of servitude.”

She reached out and hooked her arm around his neck to bring his face closer to hers. “I am Penelope. And if you are from Alfheim, I know who and what you are. I just don’t understand why you’ve come.” How could she deserve his rare, benevolent gifts? She was just an ordinary woman, barely scraping by.

“Sometimes we get what we need, simply because we ask. That’s the beauty and power of the unexpected.” His warm breath grazed her cheek in shallow rushes, lifting goose bumps across her skin. His wide, firm mouth smelled of sweet ground parsley and fresh-picked mint.

Their gazes locked and held, assessing, appraising.


Gunnar’s eyes were like pools of deep blue water speckled with light that pulled her in and down. Down. Her breathing slowed as the sound of her heartbeat intensified in her ears and the inside of her mouth moistened. She licked her lips and became intensely aware of every nerve ending shimmering along her body. Her muscles tensed as if waiting for something unexpected to happen.

As if meeting a Nordic Light Elf in the flesh wasn’t amazing enough.

Just when she wondered how his mouth would taste, he brought his lips to hers and kissed her. An explosion of kinetic energy shot vibrations through her body that prickled every fiber and muscle, held her taut and then released, leaving her breathless.

The Mythology Behind The Story DO ME GOOD by Adele Dubois

I grew up in a household filled with drama--and I mean that in the most literal sense. Ours was a family steeped in theatre, art, and creative writing. We were voracious readers, too, and curled up in the family room with our books in the evenings. I was one of those kids who read with a flashlight under the covers when bedtime came too early.

You might think a family of artists would be disorganized and untidy, but our house was neat as a pin. Every night my mother would remind us to put our things away, saying, “The elves and fairies won’t clean our house for us.” That bit of training stayed with me the rest of my life.

The last time I warned my own kids, “the elves and fairies won’t clean for us,” the story concept for DO ME GOOD popped into my head. What if the elves really did help? What if they completed chores in the middle of the night? And what if they were handsome and sexy and…available?

And what if you accidentally caught one?

To my surprise, with a little research, I discovered that such immortals existed in Norse mythology. These pre-Christian celestials, called Nordic Light Elves, “came from the place between heaven and earth” under the rule of a fertility god. They were “fairer to look upon than the sun” and interacted with both gods and mortals. Their sole purpose was to work for the benefit of humankind.

Though I’m still waiting for the elves and fairies to clean my house, I thought it would be fun to offer the fantasy of capturing a handsome immortal who does chores to romance readers. I hope you enjoy DO ME GOOD.

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Tilly Greene said...

Adele, you are fabulous - interesting research and sexy elves who do chores, makes me want to read this romance - thank you!


Kristabel Reed said...

I love Norse mythology, so many rich characters and yet the only ones in popular culture are Thor in a comic book series. Shameful. Alas, I don't know any of your stories, I'm following this Big Huge Reader Contest to find new authors.

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Adele - love your books!! You are one of my fave authors! :)

Sherry said...

I think this sounds like a hot book I don't think you can go wrong with a hot Norse warrior in it. Great excerpt I loved it.

Melody said...
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Melody said...

Well i love all your books Adele, but my FAV. is REF ME UP!!! This is a very hot book! I am from the area that the story takes place in, and i am a Navy brat. But every time i see your name this is the book that comes to mind with me. Yummy Thanks
So i look forward to reading this book, it sound HOT!

Anne said...

You're a new to me author, so I haven't read any of your books.

Rev Me Up sounds like the one I would chose first. I like Good girl/Bad boy stories.

Adele Dubois said...

Tilly, Kristabel, Sherry, Tina, Melody, Anne--

Thanks so much for the love! I appreciate the warm welcome.

If you haven't read my books yet, I hope you will. If you already enjoy my books, here's a BIG CYBER HUG. I'll do my best to continue writing books you'll remember.


Audra said...

I 'm sorry I have not read your books yet, I am following The BIG HUGE READER CONTEST. Thank you for the chance to read a new author.

Katalina Leon said...

Yes please, I would like an angry Nordic god to toss me my own Gunnar! Lord knows my house would be grateful!
Adele, I loved how tenderly the excerpt was written. You're amazing. I can't wait to get a little free time to read "Do Me Good" because I'm sure it will! lol

Suzette said...

I too have not had the pleasure of reading your work.....yet. This contest has definitely opened up my eyes to many new authors. It has also made my TBR list a bit longer.

I love mythology of all kinds and any time I see it used in paranormal romances I am always thrilled since it mixes two things I love.

Look forward to reading your work.

Anonymous said...


not entering as I am in Germany. Just wanted to pop by and say hi! I loved the excerpt and that cover is long haired heroes.

in Germany

Jean P said...

Would love a Nordic Light Elf to come clean my house! Enjoyed the excerpt, will be looking for the book.

Adele Dubois said...

Audra,Katalina, Suzette, Anon, Jean-

You do my heart good! Thank you for your kind words. For those of you who haven't read my work yet, I hope you enjoy discovering my books.

Katalina--I'm humbled by your praise. A special thanks for commenting on the tenderness you found between the hero & heroine. That is exactly what I was hoping to portray.

Erotic romance isn't just about sex, but should include a range of emotions. I believe tenderness heightens the eroticism.


Hales said...

Hey look what I found!!!! Tilly and Adele :) great excerpt. I want elves who do chores *G* I'm looking forward to my ever growing TBR list ;)

Deb830 said...

Happy Friday!

I unfortunately haven't read your books yet. Thanks for the excerpt. I'll definitely add them to by TBR pile. I like the Norse mythology twist. Have a great day.

deb ;0)

Lovie said...

"Do Me Good" - you had me at the title, then I read that Gunnar showed up to houseclean. If he cooks also, the is the perfect man (elf). Sound like a good read, have added to my TBR list.

Stephanie said...

I so Love the inspiration from your Mom! They say concepts come from the oddest places but I have to say this is one of the best and one of the most original I've heard! Thanks for sharing.

*yadkny* said...

Hi Adele,
I will admit to not having read any of your work, but I can tell you that I am sure Do Me Good will be my fav because I love when authors incorporate mythology and legends into their stories. A Nordic warrior turned Nordic Light Elf thinking he's not worthy of affection? Now that is a must read.

When you finally get those elves and fairies to clean your house, can you let me know?

Rosie said...

So, if I throw my DH out, maybe a Nordic warrior will appear? Oh, how I wish!! LOL. Adele, I haven't read any of your books yet, so you are a new to me author. But after reading about Do Me Good, I'll be checking out your titles!

Adele Dubois said...

Hales, Deb, Lovie, Stephanie,Yadkny, Rosie--

You gals made my day with your fun replies to my post.

Though I can't promise a hunky elf will show up at your houses to clean and then make passionate love to you, I hope you enjoy the fantasy when you read my books.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.


Cathy M said...

Love the back story, Adele.

My favorite line from the excerpt-

“Sometimes we get what we need, simply because we ask. That’s the beauty and power of the unexpected.”

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Jane said...

Congrats on the recent release, Adele. I haven't read any of your books yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to reading your Desert books.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

SiNn said...

congrats on the release and honestly i havent read any of ur books yet i have along list to be read on my laptop and i think i won one of urs i love the whole concept of Norse Mythology then again i love all things mythology keep up the good work i cnat wiat tor ead more exceprts and ur actual books

booklover0226 said...


I must hang my head in shame while I state I have not read any of your books, yet.

I enjoyed reading your post and your excerpts on your site.

I look forward in reading your works.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I am always looking for different authors to read and this book sounds really good.

Adele Dubois said...

Cathy, Jane, SiNn, Booklover, Anon-

Glad to hear you enjoyed my excerpt. Thanks so much for stopping by and posting. I do hope you'll give my books a try!


flchen1 said...

Adele, I gotta say that I love the sounds of Desert Fever! I applaud Marybeth's celebrating her freedom in such a bold, positive way :) And I always love heroines who are a little mature--gives us all hope that we'll find our HEA in our own good time! Plus, I'm always a fan of a woman who knows her way around cars ;)

BTW, you've been blessed by the cover gods--such a yummy collection of droolworthy covers, Adele!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Nancy G said...

I would have to say Do Me Good would be the book I most want to read-I'm a sucker for mythology, and have a soft spot for the Norse legends.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Adele,
Wow, Do Me Good sounds like an exciting read. Loved the excerpt.


Adele Dubois said...

FlChen, Nancy, Margaret--

Thank you for your kind comments about my books and book covers. It's true I've been blessed by the cover gods. I hope you enjoy what's behind the covers even more!

Thanks for visiting and posting!


Judy said...

I am sorry to say, I have not read any of your books yet. I keep a separate pile for new authors that I have not read!! I have been doing really good getting at least one or two of their books.

I really enjoyed the excerpt and your post and of course that cover is hot!! If you find them elves, send a few over to my house also:)

Pamk said...

omg sexy elves who could do me and my housework. This book sounds great. I am adding this one to my tbb list.

practimom said...

Hey Adele,

This cover is hot! I have not read any of your books, but i really enjoyed your excerpt and blog. chalk another one up to Tilly's Big Reader Contest! i think this one will be going in my TBB pile! Good Luck with your release!

Anonymous said...

Adele this one sounds really yummy! I liked Desert Wild - loved Sonny's character!

Pam S

Adele Dubois said...

Judy, Pamk, Practimom, Pams00--

I'll do my best to send a hunky Nordic elf your way. Otherwise, the most I can do is share Gunnar in DO ME GOOD. :)

Thanks so much for your well wishes.

(And Pams00, I'm so glad you enjoyed DESERT WILD. Sonny Wild Horse was a joy to write about! That book is award-winning and I'm thrilled readers love it.)


Adele Dubois said...


Just got the news that DO ME GOOD is a TOP PICK from Night Owl Romance! I'm thrilled!

DO ME GOOD was also a Book of the Week Nominee at Whipped Cream Long & Short Reviews.


*yadkny* said...

Congrats Adele!!!
Thats awesome news:)

etirv said...

Love your name, Adele Dubois! And can't go wrong with this genre!


Adele Dubois said...

Yadkny and Etirv--Thank you for the compliments!


Nicole Zoltack said...

I love mythology stories!

Nicole.Zoltack AT

Adele Dubois said...

Nicole--I hope you love DO ME GOOD! It was fun writing this story.