Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Huge Reader Contest - Day 19!

Reckless Liasions by Kayleigh Jamison
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Historical Romance

It's June already? Pack my things, we're going to the country! In Regency England, June marked the unofficial end of the Season, when the Haute Ton deserted London and returned to their country estates - London in summer was hot and the smell of the city left something to be desired (though you won't often hear of that in a romance novel). The Season is frequently used in romance novels today, in part, for its convenience. It was the one time of year when most of British high society congregated in one place and one was liable to see anyone anywhere. This creates endless, potentially delicious possibilities for the romance hero and heroine.

The Season began each year with the sitting of Parliament some time after Christmas, and was in full-swing by Easter, when the last stragglers returned to the city, though he "official" beginning of the Season was in May. The official close of the season was August 12th, the Glorious Twelfth, coinciding with the adjournment of Parliament and the opening of Grouse-hunting season. So what did one do during the Season?

To borrow a modern phrase, party your ass off. The Season was a frenetic, busy time, particularly for a young lady just entering society. According to Michelle Jean Hope (, "[o]nce presented, a prospective bride could reasonably attend 50 balls, 60 parties, 30 dinners and 25 breakfasts all in one season." That's a hell of a lot of socializing.

In Reckless Liaisons, I took the first half of the book away from London and the hectic atmosphere of the Season. The book's hero is gruff and reclusive and encounters his heroine in a setting where he has the upper hand. When and how the story shifts back to the city is something you'll have to read to discover.

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Anonymous said...

Reckless Liasons looks like a great read and is going on my wishlist!!!

Oh my...way too many books...hehe!!!

And wow, all that partying!!! Today's modern woman has far too many other duties and things to take care of. It sounds like all that partying is more than a full time job...hehe!!!

in Germany

Tilly Greene said...

That was fascinating Kayleigh and makes me hungry for a historical! This is the one! I'll buy it at our next signing - in July, right? - then I can have it autographed :-)


Jean P said...

I always enjoy a good historical romance, will be looking for this book.

joder said...

I can't imagine trying to keep up with all the parties during that time. Talk about frantic...I can't imagine finding the man of my dreams while bustling from one party to another.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Ann said...

Sounds great, can't wait to read it. I only wish I could leave the city for the summer, don't think the dayjob would appreciate that though. Sigh. :)

Kayleigh Jamison said...

Valerie - I feel your pain. My own TBR mountain is never ending!

Tilly - Unfortunately I have to be at a bridal shower July 10th (my only cousin's fiancee, and it's hosted by my mother). If you're going to the wine and sign in August, though, I'll be there!

Joder - Tell me about it! It reminds me a bit of all the partying I did in college; but I certainly didn't meet my future husband in the sticky basement of a frat house.

Ann - You and me both. Our cities may not be quite as smelly, but it gets hot as hell, at least where I am.

Anonymous said...

The book sounds really good. I want to read to see how they manuever the Season and still manage to find love

Kristabel Reed said...

I love when Regencies really delve into all that happened during the Season. So much going on, so much to do.

Jane said...

So many balls and parties to attened and who doesn't like a gruff hero.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

Cathy M said...

Hi Kayleigh,

Just peeked at your website and wanted to congragulate you on the great reviews for Reckless Liasons.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Sherry said...

This sounds like another great book my to buy list is getting so big that I'm hoping I get some overtime at work so that I don't have to wait very long to buy them all.

Shelley Munro said...

Kayleigh - that's fascinating - about the number of entertainments they'd attend. I suppose they'd have new gowns for many of the events too. No wonder they were all after rich husbands!

flchen1 said...

Hi, Kayleigh! Reckless Liaisons sounds like a wonderful story! And I have to say that as much fun as it is reading about the Season, I'm glad I don't have to actually experience one ;)

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Suzette said...

Though it sounds relly good, I do admit to not liking historicals too much. I'm definitely more into modern or even future times.

My questions, what pulls you to write in this particular genre? What do you say to someone maybe persuade them into reading a historical?

Suzette said...

Please excuse typing error above.

Again, What do you asy to someone to maybe persuade them into reading a historical?

Lovie said...

Don't read a lot of historicals, this one sounds different than most - second chance at love or revenge.
I am ordering copies of "Eyes Like Your" and the short story "Caging Kat"

Stephanie said...

My Goodness the wardrobe for one season alone must've been extensive enough to last the whole year long. No wonder a woman's family found good matches for them as soon as possible. I love historicals and will be adding this one to my rapidly growing list. Thanks for the interesting facts.

Kayleigh Jamison said...

Suzette - I suppose I'd first ask them why they don't like historicals. My books just might not be for them, and that's okay. :)

I do have two short stories that are contemporary paranormal, though. But I've always been an armchair history buff; there's something terribly romantic about by-gone eras, which is why I write about them. I enjoy the complete fantasy of it all, with fancy clothes and good-looking, rich noblemen...

Shelly and Stephanie - the wardrobes were immense. They'd wear several dresses each day, from walking dresses, to day gowns, to ball gowns...hats, gloves, shoes, fans, bags. And heaven help you if you got caught wearing last year's fashion! The less fortunate got very good at recycling gowns, adding some lace or a different trim, changing the neckline...making it look like a different dress.

SiNn said...

your a new to me author and its sounds awesome cant wait to read ur work awesome post today

Anne said...

While I enjoy reading about The Season, balls and the clothes, I would have hated living then. Especially with the pressure to try and find a match in one season.

practimom said...

i don't even think i partied that much when i was in college! all that constrictive did they manage! looks like a great book!

Pamk said...

man just the thought of all that socializing in one season gives me the hives and that's not even taking into account the clothing she'd have to wear.

Liz said...

cool info on the London Season Kayleigh

pams00 said...

Hi Kayleigh,

Great fun facts about the London season... no way I could handle all of that socializing! I love your work so I'll definitely have to check this one out.

Pam S

stacey said...

I love Historical Romance.Sounds like a good read.can't wait to read it.


Judy said...

This looks like a fantastic read!! Really enjoyed the post!!

booklover0226 said...

Thank you for describing "The Season". I had a fuzzy idea of what it was but now your post cleared things up for me.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Suzette said...

Kayleigh, thanks for answering my questions. As for my reason for not liking historicals as much as another genre, well its hard to pinpoint exactly why I don't like them as much. I have read some. I don't want you thinking I completely dislike the genre but it's more of a struggle to read it then say a paranormal. You know, it could be the pace in some that I have read that keeps me from reading too many. I prefer to get hooked and stay hooked once I start reading.

I wont ever say no to trying another author in a historical catagory since I do try to keep an open mind. If ya'll have suggestions on some(kayleigh's included) that may keep me hooked, feel free to reccommend them.

*yadkny* said...

Hi Kayleigh,
I have read some (not a whole lot) historical romances and so far what I have read has been good. I am sure yours will be added to that list.

BTW - I love the cover!

Armenia said...

Oh, kindred spirit. My TBR pile in think just toppled over. I'm such a fan of historical romances.

armiefox at yahoo dot com

Rosie said...

Looks like a great read. Thanks!

orelukjp0 said...

I have not read anything by Kayleigh Jamison yet. Thanks for showing me a new author that I should read. I loved the excerpt.

etirv said...

I like the plot of this novel!


Nicole Zoltack said...

I love historical romance.

Nicole.Zoltack AT