Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Huge Reader Contest - Day 28!

Sexy Games by April Ash
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Contemporary Erotic Romance

"Deliciously erotic!" - reviewed by Shayna, Joyfully Reviewed

Naughty Games Company Invitation: Test new games. Consenting adults. Male-female. Company penthouse. One week. Associates of NGC only.

Invitee employee STACY NEWMAN accepts. Betrayed by a past ex-fiancé, her goal is to concentrate on her career, sell a game idea to NGC, and open her own store.

Invitee SLOANE HOFFMAN, son of NGC’s CEO, accepts. He knows his dad wants him to take over the company. He’s been hurt and used by past lovers only after his money and what he could do for them.

Months earlier, they shared a night of passion but a panicked Sloane left without a word when Stacy inspired thoughts of “commitment” and “settling down”. His disappearance left her heartsick.

As game partners they’ll test games that require costumes, role-playing and sex. Undeniable lust and mutual desire quickly resurfaces, and they agree to a business-only venture. They choose games called “Hot Sands” (sheik and bride-to-be), “Teach Me” (nerdy professor and stripper/lap dancer) and “Royal Romps” (Lady and butler).

Spending time together offers chances to learn more about each other, fall in love, and share passionate sexual adventures. But, two misunderstandings occur, threatening to pull them apart once again, this time forever.

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June is National Candy month and I can't think of a better way to read a romance book than to have some wonderful chocolates nearby to munch on! Comment today and be entered to win a $10.00 gift card to either Russell Stover or Whitman's!

Commenting and/or asking questions on an author’s blog for the day will enter you into the Big Huge Reader Contest for a Pink Sony eReader or one of three boxes packed full of RT Booklovers Convention goodies. Unfortunately, due to the grand prize being an electronic and weight of the other three boxes, this contest is for US residents only.


SiNn said...

thats a sexy cover April ur books totaly rock! count me in

sounds like ana wesome read!

Kristabel Reed said...

June is National Candy Month?! And I'm just finding out about this now? I'm appalled.

But onto your book...ooh, HOT cover, very nice. And HA to the concept, I love flipping the business model on its head. Talk about mixing work with pleasure!

Carol L. said...

Great cover and Candy month is my month. Love it all.
Carol L.

Lovie said...

That cover caused me to have a hot flash, before I even read about the book. LOL
Have added "Sexy Games" and "Strip Poker for Two" to my TBR list.

April Ash said...

Thanks all! The cover certainly focuses your attention on his great rear view! I enjoyed writing about Stacey and Sloane's "let's pretend" scenarios as they tested games. I wonder if adult game companies test their games this way???

Tilly, thanks for having me here today. And, Happy National Candy Month, everyone!

Andrea I said...

I love the cover and the games sound fun. I look forward to reading this one. It will definitely be added to my TBB list.

Tilly Greene said...

Ooo, games, love it!

Thank you for sharing April :-)


Jean P said...

The cover is great!
Enjoyed the blurb and the trailer. Sounds like a fun read

Lanae T. said...

That cover really grabs your attention!

Love the idea of a company like that. Wonder if one really exists? Maybe they're hiring.....

Great blurb! Thanks for sharing!

ftatman5 at

Anne said...

Sounds like an interesting company to work for!

Anonymous said...

I love the cover and the story sounds interesting.

Stephanie said...

Truly a HAWT READ!! I couldn't put it down until the end, and then headed straight for a COLD shower! LOL Totally recommend this for the fun and games :D

Nicole H. said...

National Candy month! And I missed most of it! *sniff sniff*
Count me in! That is a hot, HOT cover! And that is an awesome Grand Prize as well! I will keep fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone!


Armenia said...

I knew there was a reason I had the Almond Roca by my nightstand. LOL,now I don't feel so guilty.

Love the cover...I mean, buns of steel, yowsa!!

armiefox at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Everything about this story says sexy and I so agree with the chocolate and reading combination. I couldn't view the book trailer from the link.

Anonymous said...

Wow, love that cover....yum!!!

in Germany

joder said...

How did I not know it was candy month??? Well, I'm glad we rectified that now.

I love the book description and would love to read it.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Virginia said...

Very hot sexy cover! I didn't know June was candy month either! The book sound fabulous!


April Ash said...

I have my secret ways of finding out what each day/week/month means...and use that for blogs and contests! I wrote another blog today about National Camping Month...and the two HUNKS I'd take with me at:
Come and LOOK!
Thanks for the comments!

Nicole Zoltack said...

What a cover!

Nicole.Zoltack AT

*yadkny* said...

Great cover:) Sounds like a very interesting storyline too.

CrystalGB said...

That is one sexy cover. ;) April's book sounds great.

Sherry said...

I love the cover and what I've read so far sounds like a very good book. I'm adding to it my list to buy.

Judy said...

WOW!! Check out that cover :):) Also I did not know it was National Candy Month and it is almost over, I will have to make up in these last few days!!

This looks like a fantastic read as always.

Jane said...

I'm another that didn't know June was National Candy Month. "Sexy Games" sounds like an entertaining book.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

jeanette8042 said...

This one sounds fabulous and the cover is definitely hot!

starryann said...

cover of your book pretty steamy hope you are having a good summer. what made you want to be a writer and did you always want to be?

booklover0226 said...

I must agree with the other posters, the cover is HOT.

Who did you work with to create it?

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com


A good book and candy, what more do you need? Well maybe some wine.


Spif said...

Love the cover! Sounds like a great book.

practimom said...

that's a hot cover. looks like a really great read!

Jennifer Mathis said...

wow those games beat yatzee anyday lol. :)

April Ash said...

Starryann - I decided to try writing after reading so many romance books and thinking, "I have a story I'd like to write about." I didn't start out thinking about writing...I taught school for a number of years while reading romance books!
Booklover0226 - I can't take any credit for the cover. The artist "departed" from what I'd asked for and came up with the cover...glad you like it!
Everyone...enjoy the rest of Candy Month and hope you like my book!
Thanks for commenting,

stacey said...

sounds like there going to have some fun in this book and the people that read it.


Pamk said...

wow a sexy book to read and chocolates. rofl My hubby would thank you if i won this

katsrus said...

Hot cover! Story sounds good.
Sue B

peggy said...

Great cover.And the book sound great.

GladysMP said...

For one who has a sweet tooth, National Candy Month sounds like heaven.

Thunder and lightning have made me keep my computer turned off at the wall so much this last week or so, that I am up late trying to do what I would like to have done earlier on the net.

Winning an e-reader would be a thrill.

Brandlwyne said...

I love this site. I find more and more books and authors that I like on here. Thank you again!!!


Deb830 said...

Sorry I missed the blog yesterday but the weekend just gets away from me. The cover is smoking hot and the story sound great too. I hope everyone enjoys National Candy Month!!

deb ;0)

Suzette said...
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Suzette said...

That is an awesome cover. Gotta love a man with a great rear! Oh yeah, it sounds good too. LOL What do you expect us to think about with a cover like that! :-P

Suzette F.

April Ash said...

Thanks to all who commented!
Check my website for more contests!


Rosie said...

This is definitely one for my book buying list! Thanks!!