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Big Huge Reader Contest - Day 23!

Sex is a major part of the erotic romance genre, it also happens to be a prevelent activity in Ancient Greek mythology, and I put the two together for the Mythological Messes Redux series. Recently I had a reader ask me how I decided who had what kind of sex and it wasn't something I'd ever really thought about. The simple answer would be that the characters tell me what they want to do in the sack and, to a certain extent, that's true, although I generally know who will do what before the characters are fully developed as their sexual proclivity is part of their personalities.

Let me back up and clarify something. Our discussion had started with us talking about the unconventional, non-vanilla [BDSM and Ménages] sex I sometimes write and how they should have a unique page on my website [I've since taken their advice and done this :-)]. So, back to that question, how I decide who has what type of sex, specifically when it came to the Ancient Greek mythological characters. While the gods, goddesses and immortals were all sexually active, that was generally as far as it went, but would they have stretched the repertoire in the boudoir if the opportunity had been presented?

Let's see, shall we?

Hephaestus, god of the Forge, was hated, mistreated and ridiculed by his stepmother [Hera is just as often considered his mother], but he was a good man. He worked hard making important special items for the other Olympians. Things like thunderbolts for Zeus and Hermes' winged hat and shoes. Heph may find it necessary to walk with an aid, a stick, but the work he did meant he was totally buff. The god was big, with well defined muscles and handsome [at least I like to think so]. Wouldn't it be logical for a man who is physically challenged and yet quite comfortable with manipulating steel to be turned on by binding his lover for his focused attention?

Then there's the twins who aren't really twins, Castor and Pollux, the Dioscuri [Sons of Zeus]. Brought up as brothers, they were very close and as grown men, became even better friends. They thought and acted as one. Both men were great horsemen, renowned hunters and the best of boxers who often sought to right a wrong - the brothers protected those who needed it most. On such a mission, Castor [mortal] lay dying when Pollux gave up his immortality to spend eternity with his brother, not completely dead, but existing as the Gemini constellation. Doesn't it make sense that these two men would fall in love with the same woman?

And then there's the feared, one-eyed Cyclopes monsters, they could never have a lover, could they? Agres, Steropes and Brontes have existed forever, are firmly set in their ways and see no reason to change. Humans are annoying and it's fine with them that cower in fear of the brothers. Work keeps them busy and it takes a great deal of attention to keep from sucumbing to their unique personifications. However, their job also happens to shape their bodies into delightfully strong forms, and the one eye, surrounded by long lashes, is gorgeous, especially when focused on a specific woman. Never believing love would never be theirs, it's believeable that these three outcasts would share the one who holds their hearts wants, right?

Bondage and ménages fit these three scenearios, the characters personalities, and could actually have happened if happiness for all had been the goal of the myths, only it wasn't. Lessons were definitely learned from those ancients texts, but in the 21st century, everyone - including the physically challenged, the might as well be dead, and the feared - is entitled to their happy ever after. Right? Of course they are! How they go about finding their pleasure is how the lovers express their deep emotions for each other and if that means tying them down or sharing them with another, so be it.

By the way, tags/labels denoting sub-genres are hints for a reader of what's in a book, and they're important, although there are problems.  Most publishers set a limit for labels and that means there could be problems for readers who don't want to read specific sub-genres.  Also, definition of the tags/labels differ, which adds further complications to picking out a book that suits a reader.  And then, on top of all that, there's the fact that no two authors write sub-genres in the same way.  My advice is twofold.  First, when it comes to sub-genres [mc, bdsm, menage, rubenesque, etc.] be adventurous, and set aside the "I don't read...".  And then I suggest knowing the authors and how they write.  Do this by visiting their websites, blogs, tweet them a query, because you might be missing a great book because of the "I don't read..." limits.

So, that said, for me, when it comes to BDSM and D/s, I don't include pain or humiliation in my books/ebooks - just pleasureable fun and games that all the characters involved want.  And, when it comes to menages, what can I say other than they are not orgies, they fit.

Other books of mine where BDSM and Ménages take place:
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Mythological Messes Redux series by Tilly Greene
Hephaestus Lays Down the Law [bondage] - (ebook) AReFictionwise and (paperback) AmazonBNyour local independent bookshop
Together Again? - ARe
Double Punch [ménage a trois] - (ebook) AReFictionwise and (paperback) AmazonBN
Cyra's Cyclopes [ménage] - AReFictionwise

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SiNn said...

yess si think they created kinky sex and they practice it everyday

great post!

Anonymous said...

I think they practiced kinky sex for sure!!! I think it's always been around, they maybe invented it...hehe!!!

in Germany

Kristabel Reed said...

Oh, totally. I think what they really did never made it into the stories WE know because of time. So much of that was handed down orally (get your minds out of the gutter!) and by the time someone wrote it down, it wasn't oh shoot. The racy classical poet who was exiled. Virgil? Ovid? I can't remember.

My point is that I'm sure they were heavily edited! So anything the gods may have originally done was taken out so that the stories became morality plays not fun, sexy ones.

Anonymous said...

Oh heck yeah, didn't Zeus love to play with mortals all the time? *grins* Great blog post.

Dawn R.

Lovie said...

"Hephaestus Lays Down the Law" - was the first book (but not the last) of yours that I read. Would mythological figures would have practiced kinky sex - YES.

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Kinky sex has always been around. I'm sure of it. The equipment for it has just gotten more specialized! I'm sure the Greek gods and goddesses would have been playing along. And satyrs and nymphs? But of course! They were already having group sex. Why not throw in a little BDSM?

Anne said...

Yes, they woyuld have practiced kinky sex cause as long as people have been having sex, some have had kinky sex. My mother and I went to Peru and there's a museum with ancient clay figurines having sex. The only comment I made to my mother (OMG!!!!! A sex museum with my mother!!!) was that "There's nothing new in the world today."

My mother was the one to notice all the men were going around the exhibit in the same direction and all the women were going in the opposite, even the married couples split up.

Tilly Greene said...

Hiya Everyone!

Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog and it looks like we're all pretty much thinking along the same lines - kink has been around forever. Whoa, have to admit, writing that, my mind just twitched to the caves and what was happening there - hmmm :-)

Yup, I love playing around with the sex lives of the gods and goddesses - they're fun and open to all sorts possibilities.

SiNn, I like the way you think - everyday, practice, like the piano, until they have it down perfectly. I may use that line of thought for the next MMR installment :-)

Valerie, invented and refined kinky sex :-)

Kristabel, it was Ovid, and I have a wonderful translation of his Metamorphoses that I still read. I think you knocked it on the head - much was lost through putting it down on paper and then further by translation. Last i heard, scholars had found a lost letter in the Ancient Greek alphabet and were guessing at it's usage.

Dawn, you mentioned the kinkiest god around, and he's the only one I think I took out of the realm of their past. HA! In Together Again? he gets some foreplay, but no intercourse :-).

Lovie, darlin', I am so glad you enjoyed Heph - adore him and his stick :-)

Teresa, it is an of course scenario, some of the art from that time was downright wicked - some of it is already teetering on the edge of bdsm.

And Anne, OMG!, sounds like an interesting trip - but OMG!

Hugs guys, you've made my day, and encouraged me to get cracking on bringing my satyr and nymph together!


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I'm pretty sure they would have practiced kinky sex... explored all options... when you have out of the ordinary abilities it just lends itself to exploring strange options in the bedroom as well!

mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I believe they practiced in kinky sex and that we are really just catching up to them.

Missytish said...

I agree, and absolutely love all of your books Tilly, you keep us hot and always wanting more!

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jean P said...

I think they practiced kinky sex. They had extra ordinary abilities, so it would have made it that much hotter and kinkier!

Stephanie said...

Your characters spoke and you listened to their needs Ms. Tilly! Of course by speaking to you they just may have been telling you their stories and you gave them your own twist, much like Kristabel said. Only in this day and age, you're able to be open about their legends.
So, Yes, there was definitely kinky delights going on back then. The Gods had too much time and too much imagination not to let their minds to go a more devilish place.
Speaking of devilish places :D What's next in this series, oh great imaginier?

Judy said...

I really enjoyed your post!!

I am sure the gods were into kinky sex. They probably did invent this, since they were always frolicking around :)

kansassweet43 said...

Kinky sex seems to be a popular answer. LOL Of course why wouldn't the gods have kinky sex, menage's. By all accounts they were a lusty lot and didn't have the hangups about sex that is so prevalent now.

Deb830 said...

Hi Tilly -

Similarities in myths and fables during different civilizations usually associate Gods & Goddesses with sexuality. So it's safe to assume that yes mythological figures did practiced kinky sex.


ilona said...

What do you mean 'if it had been around then'? I thought kinky sex had been around as long as humanity has been. That said, of course they practiced kinky sex, after all who could do it better than they?

Tilly Greene said...

I'm with you, Miranda, they were bigger than life - of course they extraordinary artisans in the sack.

HA! I like the way you think, Leni, we're still just catching up.

Thank you, Missytish - it sounds like I'm accomplishing two of my goals, hot and wanting more :-)

You know what, Jean, I called them artisans earlier because I think they were. They took the rough around the edges type of kink and polished it up so it wasn't hidden in the backroom - do they have cellars in Greece?

Stephanie, you know how much I adore the twisted, and hugs for accepting my tinkering with their legends. Heph, Castor and Pollux, and yes, the Cyclops all deserved better endings :-) And you're right time+imagination=delightful sexual antics - ripe for exploring. As for what's next, in Cyra's Cyclopes, at the big festival, you'll see her best friend - a nymph - dangling from a tree with her lover - a satyr - having his wicked way with her, only everyone knows satyrs are horny beings that can't commit - right? He he he, it's rumbling around in my head, and I shall get started on it very soon - someone can handle only so much mythical play pushing for attention. Hugs darlin'!

Thank you, Judy, I enjoy sharing stuff that helps build characters, a story, even a series. I'm a huge Ancient Greek myth lover and when Tease Publishing started this series - I jumped at the chance to be a part of the LIP's. HA, isn't that cool? LIP = Love's Immortal Pantheon :-)

kansassweet43, you can go which ever way you want - no pressure here :-) I think we can agree that there was plenty of sex of all sorts going on with the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses and that the hangups of today didn't start there!

Hiya Deb :-) Yup, you're right, the myths/fables were lessons to be learned and why shouldn't the gods/goddesses showcase the extremes? Aphrodite, for all her beauty and seductive ways, is embarassed by her husband, Hephaestus, while engaging an extramarital affair.

Well, Ilona, I am a cautious soul, and unless I have unimpeachable proof that bdsm and/or menages made an appearance in Ancient Greek mythology, I won't claim it emphatically - therefore I used "if". And you're right, no one could do it better than the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses - they were nothing if not inventive when it came to sex :-)

joder said...

Since these figures thought they were all powerful and were better than everyone else, I think they did everything and anything they wanted all the time. They indulged in everything to the nth degree.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

flchen1 said...

Definitely--I'm sure they would have invented it! What with their extra strength and appendages, I'm sure they would have created kinks we can only dream of ;)

Of course, that's not what we read about in school... ;)

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Cathy M said...

I see some of my favorites books listed here, Tilly, and you give us all different flavors and levels of sex to enjoy.

I love reading both BDSM, D/s and menage stories, especially when they enhance the pleasure and are more about command and cherish.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Wow tilly loved your post! found it very interesting/enlightening. I know I used to not read the bdsm, menage etc books, but I don't like to limit my possibilities so ventured into a few and enjoyed them. They are like everything else out there to me - some are good and some not so hot.

I could definitely see Gods getting kinky - there inhibitions would be lower than humans - lets face it, they don't die, get deseases, risk very little repremanding... what would stop them? Not to mention their talents/creativity/abilities go way beyond mortal concept.

Pam S

jeanette8042 said...

I certainly think they would have practiced kinky sex to spice up their llives.

lilazncutie1215 @

CrystalGB said...

Yes, I do think they practiced kinky sex. :)

Tilly Greene said...

Oh yes, joder, you put it very well - indulged everything to nth degree, and I imagine they looked lovely doing it as well :-)

Or not dreamed of Jane and, since you mentioned school, can you imagine a spiced up - not erotic, just some heat - version of The Iliad or The Odyssey? There would've been no need for Cliff Notes!

Thank you, Cathy, and I like hearing what qualities you like about the sub-genres we're talking about - enhance the pleasure and more about the command and cherish qualities, thank you :-)

You know what, Pam, I writing from my own experience. The kink books weren't on my radar and then I landed in a reading funk and decided to choose something that I'd never tried before. Well, I may have liked 2 of the 5 ebooks, but the thing was, what I liked them and ended up sticking with those authors. Goodness, you bring up some great points one that doesn't enter the equation for the immortals and might be fun to include it: inhibition! Yes, I like that idea - would definitely shake up Mount Olympus :-) Yummy!

Hiya Jeanette, yup, those immortals probably were seriously kinky and our modern day kinksters would envy them their abilities to play with impunity!

Fun to consider, isn't it Crystal :-)

*yadkny* said...

Great topic for a post, Tilly:)
I think I am agreeing with everyone that has already commented by saying that of course the mythological figures would have practiced kinky sex if it had been around back then. If they had even 1/2 of the sexual imagination that we have now, then of course there was at least some kink to their sexual activities. Besides when you have time on your hands as well as abilities...
oh the possibilities!

Jane said...

I think they most definitely did have kinky sex. They look like they know how to have a good time.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

s7anna said...

Oh definitely! Kinky sex has been around as long as there have been humans *well at least I like to think so* (grin)


Suzette said...

They had to have to keep from getting bored! I read Hephaestus Lays Down the Law! Loved it!

Suzette said...

I forgot

Suzette F.

booklover0226 said...

Oh, yes, they practiced kinky sex, FOR SURE!

They were omniscient and had no rules to obey.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Tilly Greene said...

Oh YES, yadkny, oh the possibilities :-)

Jane, wouldn't you have loved to of attended one of their functions on Mount Olympus? Definitely a good time was had by all when the ambrosia was flowing!

HA! Yes, Anna, I think so as well but am happy to say I'm not that old.

Yeah, thank you Suzette, glad you enjoyed Heph's laying down the law for a happy home life :-)

Nancy G said...

I think any group that practiced Baccanalia would have had many delicious kinks in their repetoire, don't you?

snowl3prd said...

I think that mythological figures would have practiced very kinky sex. Most likely because they are mythological and because the people are more into each other.

Tilly Greene said...

No rules, yes, that's the key Tracey :-)

Nancy, I so loved playing with the Baccanalia in Cyra's Cyclopses, although I couldn't the name because Bacchus is the Roman name for Dionysus and I was writing about the Greeks. Pisser, love the fact a god had a decadent debauched party named after him :-)

Ooo, snowl3prd, "very kinky sex" - ha, you're probably right!

Sherry said...

Yes, I think they would have practiced very kinky sex from what I've read. I love reading books on mythology and I love it.

Armenia said...

I enjoyed your post. I have to believe evidenced by art and history that they definitely thought themselves gods and kinky pleasure was very much indulged in.

armiefox at yahoo dot com

Pamk said...

yep I think human nature being what it it that they would. Not much has changed in the hundred of years humans have been around.

practimom said...

oh yeah they practiced kinky sex. the roman orgies of 500 years ago are still being talked about today...kinky heathens :)~

Brandlwyne said...

Your post was good Cyra's Cyclopse sounds good!!!

orelukjp0 said...

Of course they would. They probably invented the ideas.

stacey said...

Yes i think thay would have had Kinky sexy if thay had know about it.Looks like i need to get around two trying out some of them book thay sound Kinky.

Tilly Greene said...

I love them as well, Sherry, Robert Graves continues to confuse me with the various takes on the myths - it's great!

Thank you, Armenia, and yes, the art is a great source. One of my favorite places to visit is the Getty Villa [Malibu, CA] and it's free! Anyone who goes that way, make an appointment [don't be intimidated, it's for car parking] and go, you'll see some great treasures!

Those Romans did everything big, practimom, and I guess it makes sense that they'd party big as well. Have you ever read Satyricon by Petronius? It isn't long but it's all about a party - funny in a sick way.

Why thank you kindly, Brandlwyne, it felt good to bring the Cyclops into the light and give them a heroes welcome :-)

Probably invented and perfected, orelukjp0.

It's fun to shake up the reading tree, Stacey, and try something new. I'm about ready to start Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel - a novel sort of reworking Thomas Cromwell's place in history. I've never read a fictional rewriting of history and don't know how I'll like it, but I'm going to try :-)

Okay, I'm off to put all your names in a bowl, and draw one for the ARe gift certificate - then I'll put everyone in the big bowl for the Sony. Thanks guys for the wonderful comments, it was a blast talking the sex lives of the gods and goddesses!

Tilly Greene said...

Jeanette8042 [4:00pm], just drew your name from the bowl for a All Romance eBooks [ARe] bookstore! Congrats and your eBook Bucks are on the way :-)

Anonymous said...

oo plese just enter me for the box of goodies! not the ereader. i dont do that

etirv said...

Oh no, I'm late!

Nicole Zoltack said...

Great blog post!

Nicole.Zoltack AT

starryann said...

everyone has made some good points on the subject. I thought the covers were wow themselves. what book is your favorite and why? where do you get your ideas