Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Huge Reader Contest - Day 30!

Today is the last day of the Big Huge Reader Contest and it's been a blast!  I hope everyone has found some books to read or hopefully new to them authors to check out further - I know I have.

These past thirty days have been my way of celebrating five years in the business and since it's the last day of the festivities, thought I'd share a bit about the book that started it all for me: Come, Sweet Creature

Tony DiTerlizzi's The Spider and the Fly [it was the fab illustrations that pulled me in] is what spoke to me the loudest when I happened upon Whiskey Creek Press Torrid's call for twisted takes on fairy tales.  Without waisting any time, I went to my bookshelves [told you above that I liked the book] and reread his flapper version, sought out the original online, and then started writing the contemporary erotic romance with bondage and D/s.

I hear you shouting:  Are you kidding me?  An erotic romance, with bondage and stuff, from a children's poem? 

Yes!  And I ask in return have you read the original 1829 Mary Botham Howitt poem lately?  No, okay, here's the opening stanza [you can find the full poem here]:

"Will you walk into my parlour?" said the Spider to the Fly,
'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy;
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,
And I've a many curious things to show when you are there."
Oh no, no," said the little Fly, "to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again."
It screams naughty things are going to happen in that parlour and not just seduction, so I ran with it!  The challenge was to make my spider and hero, Tilton Spidermach, sexy and loveable.  He's gorgeous and a good-natured player, never promising more than he can offer, and wealthy enough that it doesn't matter when his bedroom escapades are splashed across the media - which happens often.

Something I did change was in regards to my fly and heroine.  While she may be small in height, there is nothing timid or shy about her, just the opposite.  One of the twists I added [and there are a few] was for her to purposely put distance between herself and Tilton.  She may think he's hot, but he's the boss, and that is a line she won't cross - at least not knowingly.

I like write twists in my books and Come, Sweet Creature is full of them.  My first book was fun to write and hopefully fun to read!

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So, there you have it, thirty days of books - all I want to read. I've bought a few, have others on my list to get for the next reading break, and hope you guys have as well. Thank you all for commenting and making this a specactular month for me and all the authors who came to share.  For the last hurrah, I'm opening the door - go ahead, ask me a question or leave a comment, today is the last day to enter the Big Huge Reader Contest and anything goes.  I'll draw names for the three RT Booklover Convention boxes of goodies and Pink Sony eReader tomorrow - good luck to everyone!

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Commenting and/or asking questions on an author’s blog for the day will enter you into the Big Huge Reader Contest for a Pink Sony eReader or one of three boxes packed full of RT Booklovers Convention goodies. Unfortunately, due to the grand prize being an electronic and weight of the other three boxes, this contest is for US residents only.


SiNn said...

Tilly your a ne wto me author so i have a few questions

Do you ever have say what your covers look like?

do you think sometimes they cna hurt or boost sales?

As a new to you reader what book would u recomend i start with or ur all time favorite?

goodluck everyone

Anonymous said...

Hey Tilly,

Congrats. on being in this business for five years. This was the first book I reviewed from you and loved it. :) I see great things for you in the future and love every book you put out.

You just made my inner book addict one happy woman with all these books this month. I have a ton to read now. LOL Think the EDJ will pay me to read?

Many happy sales and reviews hun. You deserve it.

Owner-LRC Loop

Maria Zannini said...

This has been an amazing month of books. Thank you!

Ref: poem

It does indeed say more than you first think. It was so clever to use it as your catalyst. Well done!

Jean P said...

Congrats on your five years of business.
Have thoroughly enjoyed this contest. Thank you! I have enjoyed finding new authors and many new books to add to my list to buy. The poem you referenced have read it before, but had never thought of it as how you described it.

Tilly Greene said...

Hiya Guys!

Thank you for the kind congrats - I'm full of smiles and sharing them right back with you guys :-) Okay, let me see if I can answer your queries:

SiNn - Most publishers have the writer fill out a form to denote details like hair and shape of body all the way to genre and what we'd like to see on the cover. The hard part is for the cover artists to put our words into pictures. They also have to keep in mind what the publisher themselves wants to have on covers. The artists have a difficult job keeping everyone happy and pulling the reader in as well. That's the second answer, yes, the covers are important and can being a deciding factor between someone buying and not.

Now, you'll find most authors will say their favorite is their latest or their first, and I'm no different. However, because I was a bookseller, I prefer to marry up what a reader enjoys reading to one of mine, so that's a hard question. How about this, because I'm in the midst of a deja vu moment - on holiday where I pulled all the pieces of Zandia together - I'll recommend it.

Hugs to you Dawn! Remember that year I played once a month on the LRC group? That was a blast and all because you were there - thank you darlin'!

Thank you, Maria, it's always interesting to go back and trace the steps of how a book came to be. I can't really say I'll never touch another children's tale/poem again, there are many I'd love to twist around, but I liked doing this one so much, I definitely don't look to repeat it.

Thank you, Jean. You might enjoy reading the books edited by Maria Tatar that look at how these children's tales [Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm are two I've read] have been changed - both through translation and to tame the original spirit the authors intended. They were far more intense and harsh stories than they've become. Those are interesting reads :-)

Kristabel Reed said...

Thank you for a wonderful month of new authors, sexy books, and fantastic storylines. I've now created a spreadsheet for everyone I want to buy. (Those little sticky notes were getting a tad cumbersome.)

Anne said...

I didn't realize Come Sweet Creature was your first book. It was the first Tilly Greene work I read and the first book I got from Whiskey Creek. I really enjoyed it and reread it every so often.

Lakota said...

Awesome girlfriend! Five years? Geez time flies. Sharing this on FB to send some peeps over your way.
And of course you know i love me some Tilly stories.

Judy said...

I have really enjoyed the last 30 days. I have definitely found new books to buy and also a few new authors!! Congrats on your 5 years and continued success for at least the next 5 years!!

I have not read Come Sweet Creature, so I will add that to my list:)

Thanks for the fun and the opportunity to win some great prizes!!!

Jennifer Mathis said...

oh what a great month of books . I know my tbr list has exploded. Thank you so much for doing this.

Ann said...

Hey! Congrats on five years in the biz. Can't wait to read this story, sounds very interesting.
P.S.You're going to AAD, right? :)

katsrus said...

Congrads to you. I have found so many new books and authors it's been great. I really enjoyed coming here daily. Thank you.
Sue B

Deb830 said...

I love that you got your inspiration for your first book from a poem.

Thanks again for having all these wonderful blogs this month. I know my TBR pile has grown leaps and bounds.
Are you doing anything fun this summer?

deb ;0)

Tilly Greene said...

Thank you all for the congrats, I'm glad you've enjoyed the month. You see, I'm a bookie at heart, and I love finding new authors to read, explore genres I haven't dived into in a while, you know, shake up my reading choices and I thought why not share the love with others, let them brake their book budgets so I'm not doing it alone :-)

Anne - It was my first look at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid as a reader as well - love those firsts, thank you :-)

Lakota, darlin', thank you for the FB love - looking forward to your radio appearances starting up again. You feed my love for art when I need it most. In fact, I'll be doing a First Thursday Art Walk tomorrow and will toast you with a glass of champagne whilst checking out some new to me artists :-)

Ann - I'm going to AAD and thinking up some treasures to take as goodies :-) Are you?

heidi330 said...

I just found your site yesterday but I have found some great books I'm getting... I will be watching it for now on for more great things to come...I'm hooked now...
Many, many more years to you for lots more great books to come..
Thank you for keeping us entertained.

Armenia said...

Tilly, thank you for hosting a month long contest and introducing some really great authors and their books. I've taken notes.

Oh, and that poem does scream naughty things. *grin* Any WIP stories related to Brothers Grimm fairy tales?

Wishing you more years in the biz and great success.

armiefox at yahoo dot com

Stephanie said...

It's been a blast Ms. Tilly! Both this drool-worthy month of tantilizing reads and the 5 years of excellent journeys your wonderfully wicked imagination has taken us on. Can't wait to see what the future has planned for you. I know I'm not going to miss the ride.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Thank you so much for hosting this massive event. I have had a blast visiting throughout the weeks and have found quite a few new to me authors that have peaked my interest!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tilly,

Congrats on five years and wishing you many more to come! This has been a blast. I've picked up a few of the ebooks mentioned - and gained a big wishlist!

I hadn't read your first book, but I so love twisted/adult fairytales. It is already wishlisted at ARe to pick up the weekend :)! I had never quite viewed the poem that way but do indeed see innuendos.

Pam S

CrystalGB said...

Thank you for the great contest. I have enjoyed all the guest author posts about their books. :)

jeanette8042 said...
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jeanette8042 said...

It's been a fun and awesome contest! Your book sounds like a new read for me to look into!

Cathy M said...

So glad you went for it, Tilly. Come Sweet Creature was the first story of yours that I read and got me hooked on your writing.

Thanks to you and to all your guests for hanging out with us this month. It was a blast, and yes, I definitely have added some great books to my wish list.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Brandlwyne said...

It made me look at it in a whole new way!!!

brandyzbooks@yahoo dot com

Brandlwyne said...

Would you say if you like the Spiderwick Chronicles then you would probably like this???

Nicole Zoltack said...

I'll definitely have to look into this book.

Nicole.Zoltack AT

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great time, I've not got lots of books listed to get....phew!!!!

I like your story idea, it looks like a great read.

All the best,

in Germany

*yadkny* said...

WOW Tilly! I love how you found your inspiration for writing your first book. It has been great following your blog this month and meeting all of the featured authors. Thanks so much for doing this. It's been fun and now it is a little sad that it's over:( but I am definitely a fan:)

joder said...

Thanks for the month long celebration, it was great discovering new books! And equally big congrats on your five years in the biz. I'm sure you've been through, and seen, alot in that time with the evolution of book publishing.

What are some of the most exciting changes that have taken place in publishing and what do you hope will happen?

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Sherry said...

I've had a great time finding new authors and a lot of new books. Thanks for the wonderful month I've had a great time.

Nancy G said...

You have made my cc scream in horror at all of the books added to my tbb list, but it is worth it. Thanks for the great contest: do we have to wait five years for another one?

Suzette said...

I have added so many new authors to my TBR list that it just isnt! I only bought one this time around and that was hard enough deciding which one to pick!

This was way fun and I want to thank you and all the authors that contributed. I wish you continued success in all you do!

My fingers are crossed!

Suzette F

booklover0226 said...


Congrats on your 5 years of success and I look forward in following you for many more years.

Thank you for the fun month-long contest. I have discovered so many new authors. I have a lot of books added to my "must have" list.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I've found quite a few titles to add to my collection and it was fun to discover your blog.

flchen1 said...

Tilly, I LOVE learning the inspiration that launched your hot writing! I have to agree that there is certainly a world of adult possibility in that particular poem! Any other neat behind-the-story tales you can share?

And what do you plan to do tomorrow? It'll be a little like the day after Christmas, don't you think? ;)

Thank you again for a month of wonderful authors, excerpts, and a burgeoning TBB and TBR!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Jane said...

Hi Tilly,
Congrats on the five years and on all your success. Thanks for all the fun this month. I definitely discovered some new authors and expanded my tbr list.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

Rosie said...

Thanks for the contest this month, Tilly. I look forward to getting your books and having may long hours of reading enjoyment!!!

Lovie said...

Thank you for hosting all the authors. I have found several that were new to me, and some I had read before had new books out. Several books have been added to my TBR list.

Some authors write under different names for different type of books. Have you ever wanted to write a totally different style of book?

Have you ever wished you could do a major change to a book after it has already come out (new ending, kill off a character, ect..)?

practimom said...

Ahh, Tilly, what a great way to end the contest! That poem is full of naughty things that i could think of. who'da thought? Thank you so much for doing this contest. i have found so many new authors and have a huge pile of books i want to read. Have a great 4th of July!!

Tilly Greene said...

Many thanks to you all for those wonderful congrats, it has definitely been a whirlwind five years, and I love it :-)

Deb - I'm actually in the midst of a break [chatting about that on the Samhain Publishing blog tomorrow] and may head to Germany at the end of Summer. Other than that, it's all about writing and a few conferences/signings - my version of fun.

Armenia - no Brothers Grimm, but I do have one that could very well have come from a fairy tale. Let's see, there's a this tree, a woman, a ferocious plant, and a very large man :-) It's a short and I hope to finish it very soon.

Stephanie! Big Hugs darlin', you have been making me laugh so hard - I'm going to share many of those treats you've sent me here on 'Funny Friday'. Thank you for the smiles :-)

Cathy M - thank you darlin', thank goodness books are something good to get hooked on - although my book budget doesn't think so :-)

Brandlwyne - you know what, CSC isn't paranormal, so I'd have to say no - but I love the Spiderwick Chronicles! Tony and Holly collaborated so beautifully, although I wasn't a fan of the movie.

yadkny and flchen1 - yup, tomorrow will feel so good to draw the winners and sad for it to end. But I came out of it all with some great finds!

joder - the biggest change was in the devices for reading ebooks and the variety of epublishing choices. The latter has expanded my reading choices exponentially! Personally, I'm still looking for the ultimate device, and I wish more epublishers would do gift certificates - makes buying so much easier to have it there on account. I guess that's why I love ARe so much :-)

Nancy G - I'm a spontaneous kind of gal, no plans at the moment for a contest, but who knows. I can say that there will be loads [iPad, iTouch, Nook, etc]. of eReaders given away at AAD - Authors After Dark readers convention - in September. Check it out :-)

flchen1 [Jane :-)] - I try to write up a behind the scene thing for each story and have those up on my website. Started it because I love to know those things as well. Now, tomorrow I shall be heading down to the beach and doing the total vegetating thing - oh, and reading!

Ahhh, Lovie, you've tapped into where my head has been at lately. I've been dabbling with a mystery for a bit now and think I'm ready to jump in feet first - well, after I finish the trilogy I'm almost finished with, a mythological one, and a straight up bondage :-). I will publish it under a different name though, don't want to spook the unprepared, and will share it with my erotic romance readers :-) As for the major change to a book, YES! Oops, did I yell, sorry about that. Yes, I tinker when they come back to me, otherwise I don't think about it - it could kill me if I did :-)

I guess I should apologize for giving you guys all these authors to check out, but I won't, it's too much fun finding "new to me" books! My suggestion, use those wishlists, and save your pennies for more reads :-)

Pamk said...

lol you have to get inspiration somewheres. It just show how you can take the most innocent thing can be warped with the right mind. I likey the way your mind works. It's been a great party

Gabby said...

Wow I can't believe you've been doing this for five years, congrats on the milestone!

Good luck in the future!

stacey said...

the poem sounds cool and the book does two.can't wait to read it.