Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hump Day Reflections!

Mark didn't know what had hold of him, lust, passion, the devil, whatever it was, he couldn't deny her pull. Tara shifted and he moved in, laying his lips against hers.

They were lovely, plump, and spread open further beneath his. Dipping his tongue through the crease, tasting coffee and salt, as if she'd already been out swimming in the sea. He needed more of her essence and delved deeper, tangling his tongue with hers. They circled around each and he fell under her spell. As she tilted her head further to the side, he knew she wanted what he did - to feel her softness against his hard body. While he pressed in for even more of their kiss, he started to lay her down on the sand.

He was sure he'd knocked over her coffee as he rolled on top of her, but didn't care. Touching her, kissing her, having her, was all that mattered now.

Shifting his hand down, he found the zipper on her sweatshirt and slowly moved it down. Whene he felt flesh beneath his shifting hand, Mark pulled away from her lips and looked down to find she had nothing on beneath the covering. No bathing suit top, bra, nothing but pearly white skin and, oh shit! She possessed the most divine set of breasts he'd ever seen. They were large, a handful, he used his own hand to measure the mound and with a little squeeze, the cherry point popped out, making his mouth water to taste.

Leaning down he dragged the flat of his tongue over the tip and drew groans of pleasure from her. Placing his leg between hers, he started to feast on her ripe nipple while tempting her to bump and grind against him in need. Oh, he knew exactly what she wanted, to fuck, and so did he.

Fluttering away on the morning breeze was his common sense - who cared if they were seen, he had to get inside her pussy and quickly. He let the breast he was holding go and slid his hand down over her belly and felt her body quiver.

"It's all right," he whispered after releasing her nipple. Bracing himself above her, he looked down at her face and found lust painted across her features. Her lips were opened and panting, her eyelids lowered seductively over her beautiful blue eyes and her cheeks were glowing.

His hand moved past her belly button and suddenly stopped...what the fuck?!? The sensual face was now looking at him with a guarded expression. He was confused, what was that teasing his fingertips?

to be continued...


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm hoping it's leather and will cause Tara to explode in peals of laughter at her joke.

Tilly Greene said...

Hmmm, leather...I'll keep that one in mind :-)

Was laughing so hard had to read everything to the cutie.

Sparky Duck said...

The best sex sometimes is the surprise, i am naked when I looked like crap 10 minutes ago sex

Tilly Greene said...

You're right Sparky...there's much more to sex than the slot a into part b and move.

Stella Price said...

Yummy picture of Kelly... LOL my old boss was in LOVE with him and since i worked at Quicksilver he was a OS model. She used to drool when we got new graphics in. LOL

Love ya!


Tilly Greene said...

Yeah, there's something about Kelly...besides being a great surfer :-)

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