Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are you kidding me?

I like art.

Besides being of visual interest, it's an expression of someones creativity, unique viewpoint, and should be celebrated. And yet there is no guarantee everyone will like the same thing. For this shocked rant let's think of a painting like a book. Loads of people enjoyed Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series and I'm just not interested enough to pick one up - might some day if they're in ebook. Actually, if someone had given me a copy of the first one, I would bet that book would be sitting on one of my shelves, gathering dust.


If that signed 1st edition was worth $300m, it wouldn't be consigned to oblivion!

Did you guys hear about this?

Someone had what might be an original unfinished Michelangelo sitting behind their couch for the last 27 years after a stray tennis ball knocked it off the wall.*

Are you kidding me?

Even if you don't like the thing, sell it, or donate it to someone who might - don't let it sit behind a couch getting dirty and risk damage.  Even if it isn't a Michelangelo, the painting was someones hard work, appreciate it!

*=details and picture from


Maria Zannini said...

While it has Michelangelo's architectural style, the colors look off. Maybe it's just very dirty. It's hard to tell from a photo.

But the idea anyone would let a painting like this gather dust boggles the mind.

Thanks for the story.

Tilly Greene said...

It was unfinished and dirty - behind the couch for 27 years dirty, but I'm still not sure it's Michelangelo's, there's something missing to it - maybe it's a students. But yes, it boggles the mind that anyone would treat a piece of art that way.

Always find these things interesting though - glad you did as well :-)