Thursday, October 28, 2010

Movie Talk!

Recently we've watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Revolver and there were a few similarities that struck me - not that I realized that at the time I placed them in our Netflix queue.

Both were older flicks, if 2005 should be considered old.  Both were unexpected gems, although the former starts Jason Statham which makes it a thumbs up for me [although his having hair seemed odd, I like him bald].  Both were pseudo violent and yet mentally entertaining with great plots.  Basically, the cutie and I agreed, they were both great movies and worth the time spent watching them.

Ray Liotta plays a bad guy in Revolver and it was, possibly, my favorite character of the year!  Honestly, freaky funny-violent villan, that was who he played and did it so well.  Val Kilmer was the surprise for me as a gay private investigator in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Snatch is here waiting for us to watch, although I think The Girl Who Played with Fire might be next.  The Steig Larsson books were great and the first flick [Swedish] was good, so why not go with what's entertaining?

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