Friday, October 01, 2010

How to End a Day...

PhotobucketI went to a new to me Mexican food restaurant in my home town last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The night was beautiful, the margaritas [on the rocks] were lovely, and they had taquitos!  Okay, they weren't potato-filled, but the waitress said they were playing around with doing those - YES!

We sat near the open fire pit [see the orange flames poking above the hedge?] and chatted about books, travel, and family.  I found out more about the new senior center from my auntie and it is doubles as a community center, as does the High Schools swimming pool.  So cool!  We also discovered my sister could donate the extra books she has to the senior center, even better.

PhotobucketAs the sun set over Catalina [a scene which I've seen a multitude of times and totally appreciate which is why it shows up in And She Scores!], I walked down to the steps leading down to the beach - yes, there are houses on the beach - to take a picture.  Gorgeous colors.

Actually, now that I think about it, And She Scores! is rather timely.

PhotobucketIt was not only written while I was here on the left, it is set here, and much of what I do and see is in the contemporary erotic romance.  The hero is a professional football player about to play a pre-season game [ok, in reality the season is in full gear now, so slightly off timewise, but not horribly] and the heroine adores taquitos!  HA!

The best bit, all proceeds go to the American Heart Association!

So, to answer that often asked question, yes real life does occasionally show up in my books.

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