Tuesday, October 12, 2010

eBook Talk!

Sometimes I buy something to read based on the cover or becauase it's by an author I enjoy - yes, I can be that shallow in my reading choices.  Sometimes, although very rarely, I buy something to read based on the title - right now, I can only think of one, but I'm willing to admit I might have chosen others by this way.  And then there are those times when it all combines into one purchase.

PhotobucketLet me back up a bit.  Not too long ago a friend of mine emailed me and said she'd been published.  I was thrilled for her and immediately demanded an excerpt to place here on my Hot Thoughts blog then rushed over to her publisher to buy the ebook.  It sat on my cybershelf for about a month, maybe two, because life was seriously hectic and I wanted to give it my full attention.  Then, when I had a break, I promised myself to carve out the time to read it and here's what I thought of Best Little Spin Wash in Texas by April Morelock.

Two words:  Simply Delightful!

That's what is still sitting with me when I remember Morelock debut ebook.  The story has a great twist to it, which I personally enjoy, wonderfully well fleshed out characters - both major and minor, the sex was hot and fun, yes fun!, and the pace is what makes Best Little Spin Wash in Texas work perfectly.

Trust me when I say I will never look at a laundromat the same way.  Oh wait, did I mention John St. James is the perfect man, not just physically - although he is most definitely hotter than hot, but also in respect to the minor characters they come across?  And did I tell you all that Molly Timmons is one smart lady who goes after what she wants, I mean really goes all out for happines?  Well, I'm not going to give anything away, but I will strongly suggest you read Morelock's little treasure and then join me in begging April for the next book.

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