Friday, October 29, 2010

Have You Ever...

Have you ever watched a wedding video [of which you'd attended the wedding] with the people whose wedding it was and thought:  Oh my, did I really do that?

I'm not a bad person, nor someone you shouldn't take out in public for fear of what they might do, but I watched a wedding video and was shocked by my behavior.  What I saw wasn't a shock because I had seen photos of the two incidents, but there was something about watching it play out before me that was the surprise.

What did I do?

Honestly, it wasn't that bad, but I am embarassed to know people will watch that video and see my bad behavior.  Okay, enough delaying, here it is:  there were two incidents during the wedding when I was caught drinking a Coke.  Throw back the head and get every last drop straight Coke from the delightful bright red can.  The first sighting was in the church itself.  I must have realized what I'd carried in with me and had no time to ditch it, so hid it under the seat, but drank from it during the ceremony [a long one if I remember correctly] and was caught on video multiple times.  The second one was during the vast amount of photos, outside the church, in the attached cemetary.  That one I don't feel too bad over because I had a companion, an ederly woman, who was trying to hide the fact she was smoking, and we both were both caught ducking behind gravestones to hide our sins.

I think the videographer should've edited the footage a bit better, there was no need to have those moments left for generations to come to view.

Am I ashamed at my younger self's antics?  Kind of, but it was Coke!


practimom said...

that is why i avoid camera's :)! it sounds kinda funny, and you are probably the only one who will notice it, because you did it.

Tilly Greene said...

Exactly, where was my mind at? Well, obviously busy with a can a Coke :-)

I wish I was the only one, but both the bride and groom pointed it out - in front of others - how rude! HA! Ok, not as rude as sipping the good stuff during the ceremony and then behind a very old tombstone, but really, shouldn't they be paying attention to what they were doing?


Embarassed and prepared to run, with poise of course, from cameras and videographers!