Monday, October 11, 2010

The Research Lover is Researched

Technically, I wasn't the one being researched, my family was and apparently still is, and I found it somewhat disconcerting.

Let me explain.

My sister is the keeper of the family tree and works hard to unearth new information.  Recently she received a phone call from someone wanting to interview her about our Great-grandfather and his brother, a murder victim whose case remains unsolved.

When my grandmother and her sister were alive they were contacted over the years by a few writers who wanted to "solve" the mystery, and add unimpeachable tidbits from family members to make it more acceptable.  Doing those interviews never turned out well and bothered the two greatly.  I remember my grammy crying after one particular book was released, full of salcious asides to make it more media worthy.  Newspapers wrote articles, invaded their privacy further, and in the end both ladies weren't pleased to have shared their memories of a difficult childhood.

Yes, I love research, and want to know all the information I can digest before writing a book with the subject involved, so I understand when someone wants to delve in deeper.  However, this was personal, and we're done with the speculations that have involved our long past family members being written and exploited to help sell more books.

Sisters response to the request:  no.

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