Saturday, October 16, 2010

Put Your Thinking Caps On, It's Contest Time!

There you are sipping whatever you fancy while sitting face-to-face with your favorite author, dead or alive.  Fabulous!  So exciting!  You and so-and-so are enjoying the moment.  You're both relaxed and laughing, and it dawns on you that you could slip in that one question you always wanted to know the answer to - what is it?

What do you want to know and who do you want to know it from?

Tell me in the comments, be creative, and have fun doing it!  Ask as many as you want, as long as they're different authors - we all have more than one we'd die to know something from and here's you chance to ask.  Everyone will go into a bowl and I'll have the cutie pull a name on Saturday [October 23].  Don't forget to make sure I have a way to reach you if you're the winner by putting a contact addy in with your question.

Up for grabs is a box stuffed full of goodies from this September's Authors After Dark event waiting to find a new home, so start asking those questions! 


Unknown said...

Hi Tilly.

My question is to the Marquis de Sade:

Did you prefer being a man, or would you have liked to have been a woman?

E-mail me at

Tilly Greene said...

Ooo, Ashen, what a great question!

Anonymous said...

Tilly my question is for Ambrose Bierce: Ambrose you led such an interesting life and mysterious stories. What became of you when you disappeared down in Mexico we are all sitting on our chairs awaiting a answer to this mystery.

E-mail me at:

Gabrielle Lee said...

My question would be for Anais Nin. What was it like to be one of the first women to write and publish erotica and how much did she enjoy her relationship with Miller?

Gabrielle Lee said...

sorry forgot to add my email to my comment.


Tilly Greene said...

Suzy, I'd never heard of Ambrose Bierce until now, and after reading about him on Wikipedia, I'd like to know the answer as well. Sounds like "Bitter Bierce" was fun at a party.

Gabrielle, I too would like to pick her brain about being the first female published erotica author. She must have some good advice to offer.

Jane said...

I would like to ask Agatha Christie if she based any of her characters were based on people she knew. I also want to know if she thinks there's such a thing as the perfect crime/murder.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

kaisquared said...
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kaisquared said...

To Edgar Allan Poe (in honor of the season):

If you could come back from the dead, what genre or genres would you write in today? And, by the way, what really caused your untimely demise at only 40 years of age?

Mary M., emmasmom at wi dot rr dot com

Anonymous said...

I'd ask Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- "Were Sherlock Holmes and Watson really lovers?" I just couldn't bring myself to see the latest Sherlock Holmes movie because I've always believed they were. Especially the way Jeremy Brett played him on Mystery. Also, "Was Sherlock a woman hater?" I'd read once that it was theorized Sherlock had no use for women, except for his begrudging respect for Lillie Langtry.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I would ask Diana Gabaldon who she based Jamie on.

Nicole Zoltack said...

whoops email:

Stacey Smith said...

I would ask Christine Feehan if she wantted to be A Carpathian if she had a Chance?

Sherry said...

I would love to ask Jayne Ann Krentz if it ever gets confusing writing under so many names and genres and if she has a favorite to read and write?

Sherry said...

When I read Lori Foster's books I laugh my head off sometimes I would like to know if she laughs to herself when she's writing them?

booklover0226 said...

I would interview Alexendre Dumas (pere) and ask him who he based The Three Musketeers on, in particular, Athos, my favorite character.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

catslady said...

I would ask Jane Austin what she thinks about Pride & Predjudice being a classic and so timeless and popular and her opinion on all the variations of her book.


Rosie said...

I would ask Charlaine Harris if she is happy with the actors that are portraying her characters in True Blood (meaning were they the actors she imagined) and if she had a chance to change anything, what would it be.

rosie0512 @ hotmail . com

Tilly Greene said...

OMG! Guys, you have such fab questions, and all I'd like to know the answers to as well.

The funny thing, Jane, is that my current WIP was inspired by Agatha Christie! Kid you not! Love the way the world turns.

Mary M, I remember reading Poe back in High School, but a Linda Fairstein mystery I read traced a path of Poe and tweaked my interest in him beyond that scary reading session. Very interested.

Hey Deb, have you read Laurie R King? I wonder if she had the same query about women in mind when she took on her series with a female partner for Holmes.

Hiya Nicole, you know what, I must confess to never reading Gabaldon. Soon. I'll delve in soon and meet this Jamie I hear so much about :-)

Guess what, Sherry, I have the same question for Jayne Ann Krentz! I've read all her books and love them, but often wonder what she changes to write as Quick, Castle and Krentz [and all the other pseudonyms she wrote under for Silhouette!] - they are so different! The last Foster book did not have me laughing, the paranormal ones, but I can say I've cried and laughed while writing scenes before so it would be interesting to know if others do as well :-)

Oooo, Tracy [hugs darlin'!], Dumas is a man I could spend hours talking with because he wrote such rich books with messages that resonate today. The Three Muskateers are three men I'd love to spend time with as well.

Ding Ding Ding, Catslady, I must know how she feels about her work being mashed. Would she find it falttering or upsetting? But I also want to pick her brain about Darcy - love that man!

You know what Rosie, I imagine she does have input, but also realizes that things need to be twisted around to fit the medium. It would be interesting to know how much of a give and take she must endure to see what she wrote come to life.

Like I said, fab questions guys, and I just wish we could get the answers!

Jennifer Mathis said...

oh I would ask Johanna Lindsey so many questions. Howd she get atarted writing? what is her favorite book? How many more books does she have planned? can I move next door and be her neighbor?

Mindy said...

I'd like to ask Jules Verne how he came up with the fantastic inventions in his books, The Time Machine, The Nautelis etc. and how does his idea of free love compare to todays open society.
I'd also have to ask him what he thinksm about the movie Time After Time (Malcom McDowall is such a hottie in it ;) )

Mindy :)

Jane said...

I want to ask Edgar Allan Poe if he was a believer in the supernatural.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

Tilly Greene said...

Jennifer, darlin', Johanna Lindsey is one of my favorite authors as well and I'm dying to know how she got started. Her heroes are divine!

You've come up with a fascinating question, Mindy. How did he come up with all those inventions. As for Malcom McDowall, I will always remember him first as the guy in Clockwork Orange - he played that character so well.

Good question, Jane. Like I said earlier, Edgar is someone I'm dying to know more about.

Fab queries!

Tilly Greene said...

I had a blast with this contest and want to thank you all for throwing your questions into the bowl. Ashen's name was drawn first and shall be receiving a box stuffed with AAD treats, but I also found I had two more bags with a few books and promo goodies from various authors and drew two more names for them - Suzy and Gabrielle. Honestly, the bowl was shaken between each drawing, so it was freaky how it turned out. Then again, Halloween is around the corner, so the weird rules. Again, thank you all for participating - I loved the questions and shared them with others. Quite a few concered with wanting to talk with Jules Verne about his inventive mind :-)